Summer Fun


It feels as though my summer has already come and gone, because I’ve already done my one big summer trip. For 6 weeks C1 and I went to stay with family, so Daddy could study. We had a great time and C1 got lots of grandparent time and he even got to meet his 5 great grandparents! What a treat. My treat was that I got more time to focus on sewing since grandma was playing with and caring for C1.

I took my own pile of things to do so I wouldn’t bother my Mom about her long list of projects. However, I had so much time, that not only did I finish my list, but got some things on her list done too!

We started by touch up organizing (my Mom is already pretty organized, which is where I get my skills from); we did her sewing room, her paper craft room, her storage room and cleaned out chemicals around the house. That was fun to go through her many books and magazines and collect new ideas and wish list projects of my own.

We then moved on to painting the guest room I was in. We rearranged the room and almost got the curtains done too. Much more inviting when the room is painted. It looks so welcoming and I look forward to going back to her home.

Next we took her book/list of projects to do and organized them by type: sewing, quilts, painting, scrapbooks and the like. We then put them in priority order. My Mom is a wonderful woman and has lots of projects started and has so many ideas she’d like to do. She’s just overwhelmed by it all and doesn’t know where to start with the little time she has to dedicate to crafting. So, we prioritized it into doing projects for beautifying the home first; projects as gifts second and projects just for fun third. She now has a direction as where to start and we have goals for her to get things done before my next visit.

My list of projects that I took with me: 3 oven mitts for friends, matching shirts for C1 and Daddy, two skirts for me, buttons on C1’s rain coat, 3 octopi for my nieces, vinyl sayings for my MIL, outline for a quiet book

More projects I found while there: rag rug, 2 more octopi for nephews, one more oven mitt (exchange for babysitting), a little dress, vinyl sayings for my SIL, baby size quilt top, first birthday banner

Projects I have fabric for, but need to still work on: table runner, oven mitts for me, apron, place-mats, hot pads, stuffed pear, twin size quilt for C1 (when he gets a big bed), queen size quilt for me (I did a bed quilt for my bed, but now it’s not my favorite, so I’m going to do another one), Christmas quilt for MIL, 2 shirts for nephews, red bandana 4th of July table cloth, 3 generation quilt, 2pumpkin table runners, left over fabric quilt

Man o man, I thought I had a lot of projects on my wish list before, but now that I list out my new ones, it’s a little overwhelming. I know I can do it though, because other than taking care of C1, I sew, and I make plenty of time for myself to do it.

Pictures of what I have done!


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