He Eats


We started C1 on foods the day after he turned 5 months. He was showing a lot of the signs that he was ready, and I was pretty excited to try feeding him foods. We stripped him down and stirred up a runny oat cereal (half box free from a great SIL). His tongue took a while to figure out how to eat it down and not spit it all back out. I think too because it was so runny it was even messier. My Mom held his arms down for me and I handled the spoon. It was so much fun.

Each week we tried a new food; peas, carrots, avocado, but he didn’t seem to like them. He always made such faces when eating. He has always opened his mouth at the sight of a spoon, even before we introduced him to foods. Even with the funny faces, he still wanted more and ate half a jar. Finally I learned to introduce new flavors mixed with the oat cereal. He likes that much better.

C1 is such a good eater and is eating more and more each day. Besides the three foods listed above, he’s tried, squash and apples. Next up is sweet potatoes and bananas. I have decided to home make my own foods for C1 and am surprised at how fast we go through it all. I thought 3 avocados would make more than 3 servings for C1, but it doesn’t. 4 carrots, 3-4 servings! He’s a hungry boy

C1 isn’t too fussy if you aren’t continually putting food in his mouth; which allows me to eat my food too. As long as I catch the food, he’s really not to messy of an eater. And he doesn’t try to hold the spoon to feed himself yet, which makes for less mess.

C1 loves to eat and I enjoy feeding him.

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