Mothers Day


My hubby is the greatest. Sorry to all you ladies out there, there is only one of him and I ain’t sharing. Someone had to marry the worlds greatest husband, and I got lucky enough to be that gal. Daddy made me my favorite breakfast, and before we headed off to church presented me with a lovely red rose corsage. And then also made me my favorite dinner as well. It won’t be easy for Daddy, this year my birthday was the day after Mother’s Day, so he got to spoil me for two days in a row! Sometimes it’s on the same day, so he’ll have to spoil me extra in one day or something.

My first official Mother’s Day was spectacular and I feel blessed every day that I have such a wonderful son in my life. Thank you C1 for being ours, and thank you Daddy for being the best.

Sadly the best picture shows our messy dining room, so don’t look at that part.


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