4 Month Stats


Only a month late. Lets see if i can remember what C1 was doing at four months as apposed to what he’s doing now at almost five months!

At 4 months C1:
weighs: 14 lb. 1.5oz
Length: 25.5 inches

C1 got more immunizations at his 4 month check up, and he did a super job! First off, the doctor came in and he was asleep in my arms. She did his exam, and he stayed asleep the whole time! He even took a deep breath when the doc was listening to his heart. C1 didn’t wake up until the Dr. was all done with the exam. Then he got his shots; he cried while they poked him, but calmed down once I picked him up!

At 4 Months C1:
*rolls over from back to stomach
*enjoys playing in the bath
*has very good hand to mouth coordination
*eats 6oz at a time
*size 2 diapers
*size 3-6 month clothes
*will belly laugh


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