Easter Festivities


Since I’ve been on my own, holidays haven’t meant quite the same thing. Once I got married, we would do a little bit, but holidays are really the best when you are a child or have a child. Well, we now have a child of our own, and I’m slowly easing into making our holidays more festive. For Easter this year, I decided to make C1 a bow-tie. Daddy didn’t want to have a bow-tie of his own, so I made him a regular tie to wear; and for me to match, I made a skirt and a flower pin.

For Daddy’s tie I took apart one of his old ones to see how it was made, as well as following pointers from THIS blog. The bow-tie came from HERE. And my skirt from HERE.

I also made these yummy Easter Eggs hidden in Grass cookies from HERE. I think it’s funny to read what the other husband said; “they look like green cookies with M&Ms” that’s what my hubby said too.

Thank you to all of those crafters out there who post free tutorials for the rest of us to use and make wonderful things. As you can see with all my links, I don’t think up anything on my own, I seem to be good at finding and copying other peoples ideas.

HaPpY eAsTeR


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