April Showers


So, I hosted a Baby Shower for a good friend of mine, who’s also having a boy. Hurray for boys! I had so much fun making things for this shower.

I made the invitations out of fabric in the shape of a duck. This was the first time I’ve done fabric on a card; not too shabby. I kept the messed up one, so it was the only one I had left to take a picture of. The ones I gave out looked much better than this one.

I have seen these buntings around all the craft blogs and have wanted to make one, and figured this would be the perfect occasion. And after the party I can just put it in C1’s room. Looking at it now, I wish I would have put a space between each of the words. Oh well, there’s always next time.

We got our duck theme because I found a cute punch on THIS blog and I wanted to make it. Funny thing was, I bought the wrong kool-aid and even still it turned out a funny color. Good thing I used a blue tub instead of a clear one. My bubbles didn’t work out so well either. Darn.

What baby shower isn’t complete without a diaper cake. I also enlarged the invitation to make a pattern to make a stuffed duck for the prize for our Gift Bingo game.

My biggest pride and joy of what I made for this shower are the marshmallows. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I’m not a cook. You know that Daddy. makes dinner most of the time. So, the fact that I made marshmallows is amazing! We got ourselves a duck mold and made some mellows. We then covered them in blue candy melt and some in chocolate and some we left square. Since we only had so many molds we had to make some square ones. But we dyed the mellows blue to go with the boy theme.

And here is the spread of food, because you don’t have a party without food.

On the bottom of two plates I drew a duck. Then whoever got the plates with the ducks on them would be my helpers to help note down who the gifts were from and what they got the Mama. And the second person to help hand the gifts to the preggo Mama, since she usually has a hard time bending and reaching. It worked out great and I knew who would do these tasks.

Friend: thank you for letting me channel my creativeness into celebrating your baby boy.


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