Rain, Rain, Go Away


Come again when I’m done with C1’s Rain Coat!
Every time I go to JoAnn Fabric and Craft I always look through their remnant bin to see if there are any cute fabrics I should buy half off (because it was the end of the bold and not quite a full yard). I pretty much always find something. One day I found some red material, that was shiny on the outside (like a rain coat), but it was stretchy. It gave me the idea that I wanted to make a rain coat for C1. So, as I do just about every day I was blog surfing (this time it was etsy surfing) and found a cute coat pattern. This pattern is ment for denim, but I was determined. (Also bought a few dress patterns from this site, but “that’s another show” -Alton Brown). I set out to make this rain coat. Making kids clothes is much more satisfying; you don’t need as much fabric, and it doesn’t take as long to make because it’s smaller.

The sleeves don’t fit quite right, we have a hard time getting his second arm in and they are a bit short when it’s on him. I still need to add some buttons as well to close it up. So, I made a jacket! I’m impressed with myself, it’s not perfect, but I’m still new to the whole clothing thing. I’ll get better with practice.

What should I make next?


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