Meet Dottie


This is Dottie. She’s an octopus.

Everyday (pretty much) I blog surf for craft ideas. Why? I’m not sure, I already have a list of crafts I want to make a few pages long. Okay, so maybe only two pages long, but still, it’s a long list. Every now and again, I’ll find a craft that will just cut in line and get made. Dottie is made from all scraps. Daddy started helping me pick out fabrics, and I didn’t like all that he chose, so I used some of his suggestions and made it all polka dots. I took Dottie (un-finished) to my chiropractor and one of the receptionist ladies LOVED Dottie and wanted to buy her for her niece. A great toy for a 6 month old. All soft, nothing can come off as a choking hazard and, the legs are great for teethes to chew on. Sold. The pattern for “oopsie the octopus” can be found HERE.

In other crafting news (so you’re not over whelmed by new craft posts I’ll just do them all in one now). Our Relief Society had a service auction. These are great. Everyone provides a service or item and we get points (to use as payment), for doing things. Things like laundry, reading our scriptures, making the bed and other such random things. At this auction I provided a sewing lesson and about 3 crafts. These nursing covers are made for the winners from the service auction. I would tell you how many points my things went for, but I don’t remember, and that’s just being prideful. 🙂

Last one for now. My SIL is wonderful. We get hand me downs from her regularly, and we LOVE it! Well, this maroon onesie was in the mix, and I was going to hand it on to someone else because I didn’t like it as much as the others. Well, Daddy goes to U of C and it’s color is maroon. So, I decided I had to do something U of C with this onesie. It’s not the official symbol, but it is a “Chicago” type symbol and it was the eaisest one to recreate for my ability. Now even C1 has school spirit.


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