3 Month Stats


C1 is quit a boy, I sure do love him! He is just growing up so fast. Before we know it he’ll be moving out of the house and off to college! I try to remember the first month, and all I remember is the stress and frustration of nursing. I wish I could have savored those days a little more. But we play lots now and I cherish our time together.

At three months C1:
weighs 13 lb. 1 oz.
Length 24″

*He is still very good at holding his head up.
*Doesn’t really enjoy tummy time, but loves to cuddle on tummies.
*Smiles lots.
*Sleeps really well at night (9:30p to 7:30a); sometimes with one feeding in there, but not always.
*Loves to look around and is aware of things around him.
*Kicks around a lot during bath time.
*into 3-6 month size clothes the same week of his 3 month birthday
*in size 1-2 diapers (once those are all gone I think he’ll fit well into size 2 diapers)
*still no diaper rash
*little bit of cradle cap
*spits up a lot at a time


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