Trifty Motivation


So, as I went to the thrift store to find fabric (sheets) for the back of those quilts, I browsed through the kids clothing. Finding clothes for C1 that I don’t need; and a few girl clothes, that I just couldn’t live without; that I don’t need. I tend to buy a lot of stuff I don’t need, when it’s a good price. However, I will say this thrift store has half off on Monday, so averaged out, and I only paid $1.50 for every single (27) item. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I found this ADORABLE little dress and it turns out to be homemade! Love homemade, and love the dress.

Well, it inspired me to make a dress too. However, the fabric I know I wanted to use, I only had a small piece of it. And I wanted to add sleeves, but I don’t really know how yet (I’m still getting into making clothing).

So, out of this dress…..

came this.

After some modification, and making up my own pattern I’m quite pleased with the result. I put it on C1 to see what size it might be (he didn’t like being in girls clothing). I can take it in a little and it will be a newborn dress; or maybe as it is a 2 year old shirt.

Oh, and last summer I started these pants, but didn’t know how big to make the waist, so I’m just now finishing this project. They are way too big for C1 right now. Maybe in a year they will fit.

*sorry for the rotated pictures, I don’t know how to get them upright. They are right in my file folders, but won’t post upright.


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