Service through Quilts


So, the Relief Society here asked me to make some quilts for our service activity. These quilts will be shipped to the humanitarian aid to help people in Japan. Lucky for me, they are in more need of twin or full size quilts than they are the smaller ones. So, with donated fabric from the ward, I set out to make 2 quilts. I was really worried with donated fabric what the quilts would turn out like, but it turns out they don’t look half bad.

Daddy is okay with me quilting, but he’s not okay with having a million quilts around our house. So, I took this opportunity to try out a new quilt pattern I’ve been wanting to try, that looked fairly simple. Simple it was, but still time consuming. I had about a week and a half to make 2 quilts for tie-ing at our activity. I’d say it took me somewhere around 30-40 hours to do these quilts.

Poor C1 kind of got neglected while I pushed through making these. Sorry boy, but it’s done and over with now.

*the girl quilt

*the boy quilt


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