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Easter Festivities


Since I’ve been on my own, holidays haven’t meant quite the same thing. Once I got married, we would do a little bit, but holidays are really the best when you are a child or have a child. Well, we now have a child of our own, and I’m slowly easing into making our holidays more festive. For Easter this year, I decided to make C1 a bow-tie. Daddy didn’t want to have a bow-tie of his own, so I made him a regular tie to wear; and for me to match, I made a skirt and a flower pin.

For Daddy’s tie I took apart one of his old ones to see how it was made, as well as following pointers from THIS blog. The bow-tie came from HERE. And my skirt from HERE.

I also made these yummy Easter Eggs hidden in Grass cookies from HERE. I think it’s funny to read what the other husband said; “they look like green cookies with M&Ms” that’s what my hubby said too.

Thank you to all of those crafters out there who post free tutorials for the rest of us to use and make wonderful things. As you can see with all my links, I don’t think up anything on my own, I seem to be good at finding and copying other peoples ideas.

HaPpY eAsTeR

April Showers


So, I hosted a Baby Shower for a good friend of mine, who’s also having a boy. Hurray for boys! I had so much fun making things for this shower.

I made the invitations out of fabric in the shape of a duck. This was the first time I’ve done fabric on a card; not too shabby. I kept the messed up one, so it was the only one I had left to take a picture of. The ones I gave out looked much better than this one.

I have seen these buntings around all the craft blogs and have wanted to make one, and figured this would be the perfect occasion. And after the party I can just put it in C1’s room. Looking at it now, I wish I would have put a space between each of the words. Oh well, there’s always next time.

We got our duck theme because I found a cute punch on THIS blog and I wanted to make it. Funny thing was, I bought the wrong kool-aid and even still it turned out a funny color. Good thing I used a blue tub instead of a clear one. My bubbles didn’t work out so well either. Darn.

What baby shower isn’t complete without a diaper cake. I also enlarged the invitation to make a pattern to make a stuffed duck for the prize for our Gift Bingo game.

My biggest pride and joy of what I made for this shower are the marshmallows. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I’m not a cook. You know that Daddy. makes dinner most of the time. So, the fact that I made marshmallows is amazing! We got ourselves a duck mold and made some mellows. We then covered them in blue candy melt and some in chocolate and some we left square. Since we only had so many molds we had to make some square ones. But we dyed the mellows blue to go with the boy theme.

And here is the spread of food, because you don’t have a party without food.

On the bottom of two plates I drew a duck. Then whoever got the plates with the ducks on them would be my helpers to help note down who the gifts were from and what they got the Mama. And the second person to help hand the gifts to the preggo Mama, since she usually has a hard time bending and reaching. It worked out great and I knew who would do these tasks.

Friend: thank you for letting me channel my creativeness into celebrating your baby boy.

Meet Dottie


This is Dottie. She’s an octopus.

Everyday (pretty much) I blog surf for craft ideas. Why? I’m not sure, I already have a list of crafts I want to make a few pages long. Okay, so maybe only two pages long, but still, it’s a long list. Every now and again, I’ll find a craft that will just cut in line and get made. Dottie is made from all scraps. Daddy started helping me pick out fabrics, and I didn’t like all that he chose, so I used some of his suggestions and made it all polka dots. I took Dottie (un-finished) to my chiropractor and one of the receptionist ladies LOVED Dottie and wanted to buy her for her niece. A great toy for a 6 month old. All soft, nothing can come off as a choking hazard and, the legs are great for teethes to chew on. Sold. The pattern for “oopsie the octopus” can be found HERE.

In other crafting news (so you’re not over whelmed by new craft posts I’ll just do them all in one now). Our Relief Society had a service auction. These are great. Everyone provides a service or item and we get points (to use as payment), for doing things. Things like laundry, reading our scriptures, making the bed and other such random things. At this auction I provided a sewing lesson and about 3 crafts. These nursing covers are made for the winners from the service auction. I would tell you how many points my things went for, but I don’t remember, and that’s just being prideful. 🙂

Last one for now. My SIL is wonderful. We get hand me downs from her regularly, and we LOVE it! Well, this maroon onesie was in the mix, and I was going to hand it on to someone else because I didn’t like it as much as the others. Well, Daddy goes to U of C and it’s color is maroon. So, I decided I had to do something U of C with this onesie. It’s not the official symbol, but it is a “Chicago” type symbol and it was the eaisest one to recreate for my ability. Now even C1 has school spirit.

Great to be 8


For each of my neices and nephews I’m making them a special present for their baptism. A towel. Well, I’m not making the towel, I’m buying that part, but I’m adding something speicial to it. The CTR crest (choose the right). I’m also adding a great poem. Like always, this was not my idea. I’m not creative in that sense, I can only re-create other peoples ideas. Here is the orgin of this idea.

Happy Birthday B

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Before the Preisthood session of General Conference Daddy organized a BYOM (bring your own meat) BBQ. An hour before he had to leave he was pulling out all our BBQ tools and asked me to make a carrier for all our long tools. I had planned on one day making something for them, but kept forgetting since we rarely use our BBQ tools. So, with less than an hour, we picked out fabric, measured the size we would need and I made a roll for all our tools to go into. As you can tell, it’s not quite square, but it works for all our tools and keeps sharp ends hidden.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away


Come again when I’m done with C1’s Rain Coat!
Every time I go to JoAnn Fabric and Craft I always look through their remnant bin to see if there are any cute fabrics I should buy half off (because it was the end of the bold and not quite a full yard). I pretty much always find something. One day I found some red material, that was shiny on the outside (like a rain coat), but it was stretchy. It gave me the idea that I wanted to make a rain coat for C1. So, as I do just about every day I was blog surfing (this time it was etsy surfing) and found a cute coat pattern. This pattern is ment for denim, but I was determined. (Also bought a few dress patterns from this site, but “that’s another show” -Alton Brown). I set out to make this rain coat. Making kids clothes is much more satisfying; you don’t need as much fabric, and it doesn’t take as long to make because it’s smaller.

The sleeves don’t fit quite right, we have a hard time getting his second arm in and they are a bit short when it’s on him. I still need to add some buttons as well to close it up. So, I made a jacket! I’m impressed with myself, it’s not perfect, but I’m still new to the whole clothing thing. I’ll get better with practice.

What should I make next?