The Nursery


So, the day the in-laws left I was setting up the nursery. I wasn’t trying to push them out, I just thought they would want to see the nursery before they left. Daddy and his Dad delivered the guest bed, while I set up the crib. Once I got the crib put together, I put on the bed skirt and the bumper pads and the sheets. Really everything else was already in the room; the dresser (changing table), the bookshelf full of books, the recliner chair and all of C1’s clothes.

Here is what our Nursery looks like:

I hope you enjoy your own room C1. But don’t worry about the monsters, it’s really just the undergrad kids walking in the alley outside your window; and besides, Mommy and Daddy are just across the hall from you.

****A great day to post this; last night, C1 slept for 6 hours straight! We’re on our way to a full nights sleep and he’s only 2 months old! We hope and pray that this continues.


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