Monthly Archives: March 2011

St. Patty’s Day


Daddy and I still are easing our way in to the holidays now that we have a child. For St. Patty’s day we dressed in green and had corned beef and cabbage for dinner (with the missionaries). Of all the hand me downs we got (yahoo!), there was one holiday one that would actually fit C1 on the holiday. Daddy also made some fresh lime-aid. Yummy!

Two Months



I can hardly believe that C1 is already 2 months old. Some things about C1 at 2 months.

* Length: 24 inches

* Weight 12 lb. 5 oz. (right on track)

* Got lots of immunization shots and did fairly well. Meaning he calmed down quickly after he got them.

*Still in 0-3 month size clothes and size 1 diapers.

*Starting to smile at us; when we make faces at him.

*Loves to be upright or lifted in the air (this will almost always calm him down).

*Has twice slept for 6 hours at night, waking for an hour to eat then back to sleep for another 4 hours!

*Mommy and C1 have taken a lot of walks these past couple of weeks. We’ve even ventured to take Daisy with us too!

C1 has been a great baby and we have enjoyed being his parents. Until next month!

The Nursery


So, the day the in-laws left I was setting up the nursery. I wasn’t trying to push them out, I just thought they would want to see the nursery before they left. Daddy and his Dad delivered the guest bed, while I set up the crib. Once I got the crib put together, I put on the bed skirt and the bumper pads and the sheets. Really everything else was already in the room; the dresser (changing table), the bookshelf full of books, the recliner chair and all of C1’s clothes.

Here is what our Nursery looks like:

I hope you enjoy your own room C1. But don’t worry about the monsters, it’s really just the undergrad kids walking in the alley outside your window; and besides, Mommy and Daddy are just across the hall from you.

****A great day to post this; last night, C1 slept for 6 hours straight! We’re on our way to a full nights sleep and he’s only 2 months old! We hope and pray that this continues.

It’s not all about C1


I just wanted to show off a few of the crafts I’ve been working on. First (not pictured) is a circle jean quilt. I’m making a jean quilt with circles on one side and fabric on the other. I chose the fabric out of my stash and started cutting. I need about 350 squares out of the fabric, and only came up with 250! I’m 100 squares short! So, I now need to pick another fabric to go with it, because I can no longer buy the fabric I’ve chosen.

Second, I wanted to make a place mat with a place setting on it, so I can teach mychildren how to properly set a table. I always seem to forget which side the forks go on. An original design by me; viola!

Third (definitely not last, because I’m always working on at least 3 projects at a time). I’m making a scrap quilt; with all of the scraps I’ve collected from past projects. This one will be a while in the making; not only does it quilt itself, but I am working with small pieces and it will also take a while to collect enough pieces.

Thank You


To be honest I was a little worried about having visitors for 3.5 weeks. I thought that it would be too long to have company in the house. Well, as most women do, the worry was needless, everything turned out great.

My Mom came first for a week and a few days. I love having my Mom here. I had a list of things for us to do together. It was just things to do, so we wouldn’t sit around doing nothing; and we actually got it all done! Most of them were crafty type things, so of course it was a lot of fun for her too.

I loved how my Mom would do her scripture study with C1 in the mornings; reading out loud to him.

Then for two and a half weeks we had Daddy’s parents. Grandpa took care of almost everything; he cared for Daisy and C1. Daddy was able to focus more on his studies and jobs. And Grandma was very helpful in the kitchen and with a few more tasks I had planned out (some of my long term goals). And for me, I was able to get things around the house done and a few more crafts done. I was able to get out of the house to exercise and have some me time.

I can’t say it enough to the guest that came and helped Daddy and me out; THANK YOU. I think we’re figuring out this parenting thing. Each day is an adventure.

Cup Cake Party


An idea stolen from my cousin; to celebrate Valentines Day (and Grandpa’s birthday); we had a cup cake party. We made cupcakes and had our friends come over to decorate them. We have wonderful friends and enjoy spending time with them. It’s good to get back into doing things for the holidays. With just me and Daddy there was a lull in holiday celebrations.