First Hair Cut


C1 was born with more hair than I thought he would have. It was a bit long over the ears and in the back, and before we blessed him, I wanted him to look perfect, so Daddy and I decided to cut his hair. I have some strange opinions about a few things: my kids will always dress appropriate for church, no matter how young they are; my boys will never have their hair too long (always an appropriate boy hair cut). So, we cut his hair and dress him up for church (no tie yet, but a button down shirt). More to come about church later….

We made a hair day out of it and I first cut Daddy’s hair (I’m getting better at it, but I’m no beautician). Then I cut C1’s hair. I was a bit scared to cut him, or cut it too short; which I did in the back. Then I had my Mom dye my hair a strawberry brown; I normally go strawberry blond, but I decided to go a little different this time.

We’re still deciding what color C1’s hair is; blond or strawberry. We’re thinking strawberry blond like his Mother. (Although, Daddy does have some red in his facial hair).


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