First Bath


C1’s first bath was in the kitchen sink, because we had yet to buy a infant tub. My Mom was here and she helped me with his first bath. Not a lot of space in the sink, so it was a little tricky to hold him and wash him with only two hands. Once we got the infant tub, it was a lot easier, but apparently I need to work on keeping him warm, he doesn’t like being cold in the bath. We’re getting better and quicker about bath time. I hope one day (once he’s sitting up on his own) he’ll love bath time and playing in the water.


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  1. We always bathed Avery in the bathroom. Before we would do it we would run really hot water to fill the bathroom with steam so then it stayed nice and toasty there while we gave her the bath… granted we had to kneel by the bath which was a little annoying, but it kept her warm!

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