Monthly Archives: February 2011

First Hair Cut


C1 was born with more hair than I thought he would have. It was a bit long over the ears and in the back, and before we blessed him, I wanted him to look perfect, so Daddy and I decided to cut his hair. I have some strange opinions about a few things: my kids will always dress appropriate for church, no matter how young they are; my boys will never have their hair too long (always an appropriate boy hair cut). So, we cut his hair and dress him up for church (no tie yet, but a button down shirt). More to come about church later….

We made a hair day out of it and I first cut Daddy’s hair (I’m getting better at it, but I’m no beautician). Then I cut C1’s hair. I was a bit scared to cut him, or cut it too short; which I did in the back. Then I had my Mom dye my hair a strawberry brown; I normally go strawberry blond, but I decided to go a little different this time.

We’re still deciding what color C1’s hair is; blond or strawberry. We’re thinking strawberry blond like his Mother. (Although, Daddy does have some red in his facial hair).

First Bath


C1’s first bath was in the kitchen sink, because we had yet to buy a infant tub. My Mom was here and she helped me with his first bath. Not a lot of space in the sink, so it was a little tricky to hold him and wash him with only two hands. Once we got the infant tub, it was a lot easier, but apparently I need to work on keeping him warm, he doesn’t like being cold in the bath. We’re getting better and quicker about bath time. I hope one day (once he’s sitting up on his own) he’ll love bath time and playing in the water.



C is now one month old. We survived a whole month of parenthood. It doesn’t hurt that we only had to survive three weeks on our own, then help came to the rescue (thank goodness for parents). We’ll have help here for the next two weeks as well, then we’re on our own again.

C1 had a slow go at getting back up to his birth weight in a timely manner, but he is defiantly growing now.

-At one month C1 is 10 lb. 2 oz and 21 inches long. Other than a few boogers, he’s a healthy happy boy.

-At one month he has out grown the newborn size diapers and clothes and is now into 0-3 month size clothes.

-He seems to enjoy his tummy time and is either indifferent or doesn’t quite like his swing.

-Everybody’s first reaction to seeing C1 is that he looks just like Daddy. Although he must have gotten his Mother’s insides; he’s been slightly gassy (I blame my Dad, who blames his Dad for the gassyness).

-We’re still figuring out how to bathe him quickly so he doesn’t get cold; he’s usually fairly calm during bath time. And by ‘fairly calm’ I mean doesn’t fuss too much, but he does fuss because he’s cold or something.

-C1 sleeps 3, sometimes 4 hours at a time, which is great for Mommy and Daddy. He’s a pretty good sleeper we’d say.

Quite honestly, if all our kids turn out as good as C1, I’m ready to go again right now, but Daddy says we have to wait.

*I love this picture because it really shows how things have changed around here. Daddy took this picture while holding C1, and you can see Daisy in the background slightly out of focus. Not forgotten, just not as important as C1. We love you Daisy.

**more posts to come about some of C1’s firsts.