Belly Shots


I realized that I’m always telling other to post belly shots (when pregnant) and while you can see my belly in pictures, I haven’t posted too many side by side belly shots of myself. Here are the past 6 belly shots that I have. I look at my before pictures and my now pictures and I think, “WOW, was I really that skinny to start with”?

I tried to wear the same shirt in all of them, but it wasn’t a maternity shirt, so, in the end I had to wear different shirts. Today I’m 39 weeks; one week away from my due date. Being pregnant is real to me; but the fact that I’m about to become a Mommy isn’t real at all. It’s not real to me that I’m about to have a son, to raise and take care of and spend most of my time and energy on. In my mind, when I think about labor and delivery, I think I’m going to go to the hospital for a few days and then I’ll come home with a baby. If I think too much about what is really going to happen while at the hospital, I get all scared and nervous.

It’s true that in the last few weeks of pregnancy, I don’t sleep too well, tossing and turning, but on Tuesday night (4 Jan) was the worst night of my entire pregnancy! I could never get comfortable and had to walk around a bit; and ended up sleeping in my (Christmas present) Lazy Boy (nursing) chair. From here on out, that chair is my bed. I didn’t think it would come to me sleeping in a chair or apart from Husband; but it has, I need that to be somewhat comfortable. My poor body is SO ready for this boy to come out; the reality needs to come that I’m about to be a mother, that I can do it, and that everything will be great.

My to-do list is almost all crossed off (catch up on my blog, which I now am, is one of my to-dos). The room is ready, the clothes are washed, all we need now is a son to bring home and to start the greatest adventure of our lives; parenthood!


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  1. wow your belly is huge! Nobody is ever ready to accept the reality of having a first child, it's not like anything you've experienced before. Plan to be pregnant for another 2 weeks, otherwise you'll hate being "late". Just remember, babies are never late nor early. They arrive precisely when they mean to! You can do it!

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