Changing Pad Covers


Of the few things I did need to buy for our son; one was changing pad covers. While shopping for them, I was outraged that it would cost $15 just for one cover! Far too expensive for my taste. So, I set out to find some cheep towels and some elastic and make my own. Well, turns, towels are still $10; and I didn’t want to go to a thrift store by myself. While Husband and I were at Home Goods I saw some micro fleece blankets and had thought I saw some covers made out of that type of material; so I decided to use a blanket to make my covers with.

I bought two blankets and upon measuring, found that I could make 2 covers with 1 blanket and very little effort. Only issue is now I have a lot of blanket fuzz all over my cutting table from the blankets. The best part is, I got 2 changing pad covers for only $9.50!

I turned this…..

into 2 of these!


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