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That’s my story, and I’m sticken’ to it.


It seems as though everyone posts the story of the birth of their children. I’m not sure why exactly, but I might as well follow and post my story too.

It all started on a Friday night….
I was scheduled to be induced because my doctor was worried about preeclampsia. I was still all in the normal range, but pretty high. I was getting very uncomfortable being pregnant, so I had no objections to being induced. We went out to dinner with some friends; also so they could drop us off at the hospital so we wouldn’t have to drive the 4 blocks and park our car.

We arrived at the hospital about 8pm on Friday the 7th and it took until midnight to get me checked in, hooked up and ready to go. So around midnight they inserted the Cervidil (to ripen my cervix). Daddy and I tried to rest as much as possible, but with Nurses coming in and out all the time to check on me, it was hard to get some decent rest. My doctor came in around 10am on Saturday the 8th and she took out the Cervidil and started me on some Pitocin (to start the contractions). My water broke at 2pm and the contractions came on after that. I wasn’t able to get the epidural until 5pm. I was on some pretty decent pain medications until the good stuff came. The doctor didn’t come back to check on me until 9pm or so, and she said I was dilated and effaced and ready to go. However it wasn’t until after 10pm that she and her team came in to deliver me. By this point, I’m trying to resist pushing as my doctor sets everything up. Finally I say something about trying not to push, and my doctor says so casually that I can start pushing anytime. About 25 to 30 minutes later C1 was born at 10:43pm. So I labored for just under 9 hours and pushed for only half an hour.

I’ve heard stories about other births taking 23 hours and pushing for 3 hours; so I was expecting the worst. They say that your first birth is the longest. Heck, 9 hours, I can handle that. The pain wasn’t SOOO bad; it didn’t hurt like hell until the final pushes when C1 was coming out. Totally bearable, thanks to the epidural. I had also heard that getting the epidural hurt quite a bit (worse than labor); however, I was having a contraction as they were putting in the needle, so really I didn’t even feel a thing, it was great.

Quite frankly, I would rather give birth again, than go through the first 3 days of recovery! Those first three days of recovery were HELL for me. However, by day four I wasn’t all better, but I was WAY better and could manage my sitting and pain. I think that maybe God blessed me so I would continue to have children.

When I told people how I loved being pregnant, they said “ya, but wait until you deliver, you’ll change your mind”. I haven’t, I loved being pregnant, and while I didn’t love delivery, it was dare I say enjoyable.

I never; I always


I was NEVER the type of person who wanted a career. I don’t like working for others, I only have done it to survive. Being married to Daddy I have had the luxury to choose to work or not. I have at times to support my crafting, but I have never worked (while married) because I needed to.

I ALWAYS have wanted to be a Mother. I wanted to grow up and be a stay at home mom. Well, C1 is now 2 weeks old and I have my dream job; Mom! I have to say that I LOVE being a Mom. Cuddling with C1 (at all hours of the day and night); gazing into his eyes; holding him, watching him sleep (yes, he does do that from time to time). I absolutely LOVE being a Mom.

I NEVER thought that nursing would be SO difficult. Even at 2 weeks old, I still struggle with it. So much time, and so many questions.

I ALWAYS knew that Daddy would be a great Father. Daddy has exceeded my expectations in his duties as a Dad. He has taken such good care of me and of C1. With our company (helpers) still a week from getting here; Daddy has been my rock and my ultra support so I can focus on sleep and nursing C1.

My body was made to be pregnant; and I was made to be a Mom. Here’s to the beginning of Motherhood.

Belly Shots


I realized that I’m always telling other to post belly shots (when pregnant) and while you can see my belly in pictures, I haven’t posted too many side by side belly shots of myself. Here are the past 6 belly shots that I have. I look at my before pictures and my now pictures and I think, “WOW, was I really that skinny to start with”?

I tried to wear the same shirt in all of them, but it wasn’t a maternity shirt, so, in the end I had to wear different shirts. Today I’m 39 weeks; one week away from my due date. Being pregnant is real to me; but the fact that I’m about to become a Mommy isn’t real at all. It’s not real to me that I’m about to have a son, to raise and take care of and spend most of my time and energy on. In my mind, when I think about labor and delivery, I think I’m going to go to the hospital for a few days and then I’ll come home with a baby. If I think too much about what is really going to happen while at the hospital, I get all scared and nervous.

It’s true that in the last few weeks of pregnancy, I don’t sleep too well, tossing and turning, but on Tuesday night (4 Jan) was the worst night of my entire pregnancy! I could never get comfortable and had to walk around a bit; and ended up sleeping in my (Christmas present) Lazy Boy (nursing) chair. From here on out, that chair is my bed. I didn’t think it would come to me sleeping in a chair or apart from Husband; but it has, I need that to be somewhat comfortable. My poor body is SO ready for this boy to come out; the reality needs to come that I’m about to be a mother, that I can do it, and that everything will be great.

My to-do list is almost all crossed off (catch up on my blog, which I now am, is one of my to-dos). The room is ready, the clothes are washed, all we need now is a son to bring home and to start the greatest adventure of our lives; parenthood!

Christmas Day


Christmas this year was very quiet with just Husband, me and Daisy. Our little tree, with our few presents to each other and our simple dinner with just the two of us. In the afternoon we went to the theater to see “Tangled” in 3D. A good show, we both liked it. Husband made us a yummy pork dinner. Husband was very thoughtful in that he even made us breakfast of oatmeal (in the rice maker) and some yummy cinnamon rolls. He really took care of me that day.

This year I ventured out culinary. I made Husband some fudge; and I even made 2 pies this year. I made an apple pie (Husband helped pick out the best kinds of apples; and a triple berry pie. We used blackberry, strawberry and raspberry (with a tapioca mixture). Both quite yummy; and here I thought I didn’t really like pie. Best served warm, with some whipped cream on top. (I did not venture far enough to make my own crust, I used store bought crust).

My favorite gift was the 1/2 pound Reese’s. My favorite gift to Husband was the reflector. Since Husband is getting more into photography and we don’t have the need or space for proper lights, I got a reflector to help with lighting. We plan on taking our own newborn pictures, so this will help I hope. We’ll see how they turn out.

Christmas Day I was 37 weeks 1 day.

Changing Pad Covers


Of the few things I did need to buy for our son; one was changing pad covers. While shopping for them, I was outraged that it would cost $15 just for one cover! Far too expensive for my taste. So, I set out to find some cheep towels and some elastic and make my own. Well, turns, towels are still $10; and I didn’t want to go to a thrift store by myself. While Husband and I were at Home Goods I saw some micro fleece blankets and had thought I saw some covers made out of that type of material; so I decided to use a blanket to make my covers with.

I bought two blankets and upon measuring, found that I could make 2 covers with 1 blanket and very little effort. Only issue is now I have a lot of blanket fuzz all over my cutting table from the blankets. The best part is, I got 2 changing pad covers for only $9.50!

I turned this…..

into 2 of these!

The Nutcracker


This year since it would be just Husband and me for the Holiday, we decided to treat ourselves to a show. We went to see the Joffrey Ballet of The Nutcracker. I know the story of the Nutcracker, but this is my first time ever going to a ballet. We learned our lesson from The Lion King and got better seats this time; we went with box seats and it was SO much better than the very back.

I loved the show and the dancing. It makes me with I was a dancer of any kind (ballet might be too intense for me); simply so I could stay in shape and have a beautiful body. Although, I do think that a pregnant body is beautiful, I can’t be pregnant all the time and wouldn’t mind having a dancer’s body.

Maybe going to a Christmas show will become our new tradition.

* 35 weeks 1 day