This year for Thanksgiving my cousin came down from Wisconsin and we spent a few days together. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry and had some fun there. Husband and I have become members of the museum, and this was actually our first time going down into the coal mine exhibit; everything else (almost) I’ve seen a handful of times. They had out Christmas trees from around the world, so that was a new festive thing.
I had Husband get me a wheel chair to push me around in. I do feel a little silly, but I can’t quite keep up with Husband and I wear out so quick carrying all this extra weight.

In the afternoon we took the bus downtown and planned on only walking about a mile or so. (Just enough to wear me out). We stopped by the “Bean” statue to take some pictures; and we also stopped at Ghiradelli’s for some yummy hot coca. Then made our way back home in time to drive to the way south side of Chicago to our friend Kim Hopkins’ home where we would be joining her family, a few other ward members and the missionaries for some yummy Thanksgiving dinner!


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