Between the Baby Showers was Halloween, I missed blogging about it somehow.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. To the point of I think it’s the devil’s holiday; and would rather do without. However, we still go out to the trunk or treat every year and hand out goodies. We don’t really dress up, apparently, neither Husband or I are big into dressing up. However this year, I made my belly a pumpkin costume and Daisy a cape with “happy Halloween” on one side and “trick or treat” on the other.

Each year (at back to school) be buy boxes of Crayola Crayons to hand out at Halloween. We only spend $10 or so and it’s funner and healthier than candy; the only down side is sometime we run just a little bit short. While handing out, we do sort of need to keep track of what kids already got crayons, so they don’t get two boxes.

This year (thanks to Good Eats) we tried something new. We homemade our own candy corns! Husband likes to experiment in the kitchen, and I’m learning to enjoy joining him. The longest part about making candy corns is rolling them out to mix the colors. Homemade is SO much tastier than store bought; fresher. We mostly saved this as a treat for the adult trick or treat-ers and I went around to them delivering the goods.

My cousin also came down from Wisconsin to join us. I made (for the first time ever) dinner in a pumpkin. Thank you Chelsea for posting it on your blog so I could try it. I had never heard of dinner in a pumpkin and when Husband’s Mom had made it, she did it in one giant pumpkin. I did individual pumpkins and mixed it up. I was really afraid of what it would taste like, but turns out, it’s quite yummy! I may have to make it a tradition every year.


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