Baby Shower #2


A few friends of mine offered to do a Baby Shower for me in Chicago, and I kind of have to laugh at one of my friends. She was asking me about a good date to do the shower and asked if early January would work for me; knowing my due date is January 14th. The reason I have to laugh, is because she must not know me that well; I like to plan things in as much advance as possible; and a shower a few weeks before I deliver is not planning ahead. I don’t think I could have waited that long to go shopping for any thing else I would need for the baby having the shower that late. So, we partied in November (before every one went out of town for all the holidays).

The friend who hosted lives across the street just 1/2 block from me, so that was nice to just walk over. We had yummy soups and salads and some sweet treats too. I do have to say, I never know who thinks of me as “friend” so I was sort of surprised by who all showed up to the party. Good to know who loves me. (I’m not saying that because you didn’t show up you don’t love me…)

We had a good time socializing and I was able to get all sorts of good advice about being a Mom and what delivery might be like. I hit the jack pot as far as gifts go, especially the ‘group gift’; a diaper bag, and a boppy were some of the bigger ticket items. I seriously think the only thing I need to buy for this boy is a diaper pail and a crib mattress. Everything else has been gifted, made or hand me downed.

Thank you to those of you who put together this party and also those who came to support me in my new adventure. I hope you’ll all be around when I don’t know what I’m doing and I can call on you for more advice.


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