Lion King


Ever since it first came out, I’ve wanted to go see it. The Broadway version of The Lion King. The costuming looked fantastic and it looked to be a wonderful show. Well, it wasn’t until October of this year that I got to fulfill that dream. I heard that Lion King was coming to town; but it wasn’t until a friend in the ward emailed out asking if others wanted to go. She put together enough people to pre-buy tickets before they went on sale. Of course all of us being cheep (Mormons and Students, bad combination if you want money); we got the cheapest tickets we could buy. At the time I didn’t really care, I was just excited to be going to see THE LION KING BROADWAY!

Well, the night came, we got all dressed up (well as dressed up as I could being pregnant) and we went out to see the show. We did get to sit in the center, but it was in the second to last row of the whole theater. As suspected, the costumes were fantastic and I think I would have had more of that WOW factor, if I wasn’t so far from the stage. And the seats weren’t very well stacked, so I had a few heads blocking my view. And since I’m whining about things, I will say that I think the show should have picked a larger theater; the stage just seemed too small for the amount of characters needing to be on the stage at one time. Lesson learned, next time, pay a little bit more and get better seats.

All in all, it was awesome to be able to go see this wonderful show. Bucket list: Lion King, check.

Most theaters don’t allow photos inside, and I kind of forgot, so this is the only shot I got of us at the show. At least it’s a decent belly shot of me at almost 26 weeks pregnant.


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