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Christmas Card


For those of you who are not on our 100 list to send Christmas cards to; here is our card. Merry Christmas! *I think I’m almost caught up on the blog again. Hopefully I can be just a little better in 2011, but realistically, it might get worse with having a child. We’ll blog the announcement of when he’s born though; at the least.



This year for Thanksgiving my cousin came down from Wisconsin and we spent a few days together. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry and had some fun there. Husband and I have become members of the museum, and this was actually our first time going down into the coal mine exhibit; everything else (almost) I’ve seen a handful of times. They had out Christmas trees from around the world, so that was a new festive thing.
I had Husband get me a wheel chair to push me around in. I do feel a little silly, but I can’t quite keep up with Husband and I wear out so quick carrying all this extra weight.

In the afternoon we took the bus downtown and planned on only walking about a mile or so. (Just enough to wear me out). We stopped by the “Bean” statue to take some pictures; and we also stopped at Ghiradelli’s for some yummy hot coca. Then made our way back home in time to drive to the way south side of Chicago to our friend Kim Hopkins’ home where we would be joining her family, a few other ward members and the missionaries for some yummy Thanksgiving dinner!



Between the Baby Showers was Halloween, I missed blogging about it somehow.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. To the point of I think it’s the devil’s holiday; and would rather do without. However, we still go out to the trunk or treat every year and hand out goodies. We don’t really dress up, apparently, neither Husband or I are big into dressing up. However this year, I made my belly a pumpkin costume and Daisy a cape with “happy Halloween” on one side and “trick or treat” on the other.

Each year (at back to school) be buy boxes of Crayola Crayons to hand out at Halloween. We only spend $10 or so and it’s funner and healthier than candy; the only down side is sometime we run just a little bit short. While handing out, we do sort of need to keep track of what kids already got crayons, so they don’t get two boxes.

This year (thanks to Good Eats) we tried something new. We homemade our own candy corns! Husband likes to experiment in the kitchen, and I’m learning to enjoy joining him. The longest part about making candy corns is rolling them out to mix the colors. Homemade is SO much tastier than store bought; fresher. We mostly saved this as a treat for the adult trick or treat-ers and I went around to them delivering the goods.

My cousin also came down from Wisconsin to join us. I made (for the first time ever) dinner in a pumpkin. Thank you Chelsea for posting it on your blog so I could try it. I had never heard of dinner in a pumpkin and when Husband’s Mom had made it, she did it in one giant pumpkin. I did individual pumpkins and mixed it up. I was really afraid of what it would taste like, but turns out, it’s quite yummy! I may have to make it a tradition every year.

Baby Shower #2


A few friends of mine offered to do a Baby Shower for me in Chicago, and I kind of have to laugh at one of my friends. She was asking me about a good date to do the shower and asked if early January would work for me; knowing my due date is January 14th. The reason I have to laugh, is because she must not know me that well; I like to plan things in as much advance as possible; and a shower a few weeks before I deliver is not planning ahead. I don’t think I could have waited that long to go shopping for any thing else I would need for the baby having the shower that late. So, we partied in November (before every one went out of town for all the holidays).

The friend who hosted lives across the street just 1/2 block from me, so that was nice to just walk over. We had yummy soups and salads and some sweet treats too. I do have to say, I never know who thinks of me as “friend” so I was sort of surprised by who all showed up to the party. Good to know who loves me. (I’m not saying that because you didn’t show up you don’t love me…)

We had a good time socializing and I was able to get all sorts of good advice about being a Mom and what delivery might be like. I hit the jack pot as far as gifts go, especially the ‘group gift’; a diaper bag, and a boppy were some of the bigger ticket items. I seriously think the only thing I need to buy for this boy is a diaper pail and a crib mattress. Everything else has been gifted, made or hand me downed.

Thank you to those of you who put together this party and also those who came to support me in my new adventure. I hope you’ll all be around when I don’t know what I’m doing and I can call on you for more advice.

Baby Shower #1


Not that this really has anything to do with it, but I look forward to bath time with my son. I hope he enjoys bath time as much as I foresee us enjoying it.

In October I took my last trip until after the baby is born.  Husband didn’t want me to travel at all in my third trimester (more due to complaining than anything else); and so I took my trip in October (also because that’s when my Mom’s birthday is and I like to try to see her for her birthday). Needless to say, I went to Boise to see my Mom. While I was there we put together a baby shower and I must say it’s more fun for me to plan my own; it turned out wonderful! We only did one silly game; where I brought out a tray of 10 baby items, and then later in the party you had to list as many as you could remember (my poor grandmother with Alzheimer, not understanding what was going on in the first place, couldn’t play the game. She didn’t even know why we were having a party let alone remember what was on the tray). For the winner I had made a casserole carrier. I think I’d like to make one for me someday too, but it was good to practice and give it away. Another activity we had going at the shower in Idaho was for people to help me decorate onsies. I plan each month to take a picture of our boy and so each of the onsies has a number on it to correspond with how many months old he is. I had made stencils for people to use and provided some paint, the majority of them turned out WAY cute.

I was surprised by who all showed up. Lots of family came (3 from Utah, 1 from Northern Idaho and a few others from around town). I had 2 mothers there, 3 grandmothers, 3 sisters, 4 aunts, a cousin, 4 nieces, 2 friends from school days, and 2 previous YW leaders/friends. The party passed so quick, I was sad when it ended; mostly because it felt SO good to see all these people again. I felt SO loved being with all these women I didn’t want it to end.

I did take an empty suit case with me so I could bring gifts home; and I sure did need it! I got quite the loot to go home with. Between what I was gifted, what I’ve made and what I’ve gotten as a hand me down, I almost don’t have to buy anything for this boy. THANK YOU everyone! Now we can pay our hospital bills. 🙂



*I hope I blog better about our son than I do about our pretty dog*

Our poor Daisy puts up with so much from us. On road trips (like we did this summer), we try to make enough room for her to lay down on her bed, but it’s a car, nobody is comfortable.

We often use her as a pillow, or put things on her, when ever or where ever she is. She is often just laying around somewhere in the house. Her favorite spots are the couch, our bed, and by the front door.

And my favorite face of Daisy’s is when she’s in trouble. If we come home and she’s gotten into something (ie: the trash or food that may have been on the counter) she knows she’s in trouble, and sometimes won’t come out of the bedroom to greet us (like she usually does). She shyly comes out crawling with her head so low, her ears pulled as far back as they can and her eyes squinting. She’ll sometimes hide behind me, going as slow as she can.

She is such a funny girl and has been such a great addition to our family. She is now 4 1/2 years old and we got her 4 years ago, just before we got married. She knows how to comfort me in my mood swings and is more patient than anything I know. She listens when she wants to, is so much fun to be around.

We’re not at all worried about Daisy and our baby, we know she’ll accept him right into the pack and I can just picture her laying next to his crib protecting him as he sleeps.

Thanks Daisy for being the perfect dog for our family; we look forward to many more years to come.

Lion King


Ever since it first came out, I’ve wanted to go see it. The Broadway version of The Lion King. The costuming looked fantastic and it looked to be a wonderful show. Well, it wasn’t until October of this year that I got to fulfill that dream. I heard that Lion King was coming to town; but it wasn’t until a friend in the ward emailed out asking if others wanted to go. She put together enough people to pre-buy tickets before they went on sale. Of course all of us being cheep (Mormons and Students, bad combination if you want money); we got the cheapest tickets we could buy. At the time I didn’t really care, I was just excited to be going to see THE LION KING BROADWAY!

Well, the night came, we got all dressed up (well as dressed up as I could being pregnant) and we went out to see the show. We did get to sit in the center, but it was in the second to last row of the whole theater. As suspected, the costumes were fantastic and I think I would have had more of that WOW factor, if I wasn’t so far from the stage. And the seats weren’t very well stacked, so I had a few heads blocking my view. And since I’m whining about things, I will say that I think the show should have picked a larger theater; the stage just seemed too small for the amount of characters needing to be on the stage at one time. Lesson learned, next time, pay a little bit more and get better seats.

All in all, it was awesome to be able to go see this wonderful show. Bucket list: Lion King, check.

Most theaters don’t allow photos inside, and I kind of forgot, so this is the only shot I got of us at the show. At least it’s a decent belly shot of me at almost 26 weeks pregnant.