Tall Ships Festival


Back in August we had “A once in a lifetime opportunity” so the sign said; but I did hear a guy say that they were here about 30 years ago, so, rare…yes, once in a lifetime…no. In exchange for hosting (again) a few Summer Jam councilors they gave us tickets to go see these Tall Ships (Pirate ships as I like to call them). They sail around and dock themselves so people like us can go aboard and see what it might have been like to sail around on a ship of that size. I wanted to sail out on one of them, but only one ship was doing that and it was kind of spendy. While walking around Navy Pier where they were docked, I was scared by one of the ships firing off one of their cannons; you just never know what that sound could be here in Chicago.

While Husband and I don’t like living here in Chicago, we do get out and do a lot of fun things because we live here. Count your blessing right?


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