Family Pictures


It seems as though when ever we’re all together with Husband’s sister (and family) we get family pictures done. I think this is great and wish my family would do this sort of thing, but alas, they don’t. So, this past summer while we were in California celebrating a 1 year birthday for one nephew and blessing another nephew we went out and had family pictures taken.

Here is all of Husband’s side of the family. His sister, her husband and their 5 kids; Husband’s parents and us.

This one is funny to me because Husband’s sister thought I might like a belly shot, which is a great idea, however I was only 3 or so months pregnant at the time so I really didn’t have much of a belly to be shooting. Normally I like to suck it in during a photo, so it was a little hard for me to pooch it out and lean it out and see how big I could get my belly, just for this shot.

And a photo of just our little family. Although, in “family photos” I do like to include Daisy, but she didn’t make it all the way to California this time, so she wasn’t there for the photo. We’ll get some more photos done for our Christmas card so you can see what our family looks like now. Husband, me, Daisy, and one big belly.


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  1. Ahh, I think you look so cute in these pics! Dont forget to have David take more! Hope all is well! I sent a box for you last week full of boy clothes 🙂 I will probably have another one before your little love is born. Give David and hug for me and enjoy this wonderful time of year! We are all so Thankful for this new addition to our family!Love you!Melodee

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