Which is Easier?


Do you think it’s easier to gain weight or to loose weight? Before I was pregnant, I would have said that it’s harder to loose weight. I would work out and hardly budge on my weight, I would go on vacation and easily gain 5 pounds. Now, however, I’m trying to gain weight and it’s going a lot slower than I thought it would.

We knew it would happen sooner or later. I’m trying to gain weight with the pregnancy, and Husband is trying to loose weight; we knew we would meet somewhere. Well, it’s happened. Husband and I now weigh the same. A few days ago I weighed 168.0 and David weighed 168.8, today, I weigh 168.8 and David is at 168.0. Like I said before, this is the only time I will allow that I weigh more than Husband. We’re the same height and because he’s male, he just needs to weigh more than I do. A lot of Husband’s weight now is muscle, and I’m quite proud of him; especially with the eating. I’m sure it’s not easy for him to watch what he eats, when I’m shoving my face with food all day long.

See how we look at the same weight:

*22weeks 3 days

All in all, I think we both look great! Husband is making great progress, and I just LOVE to see pregnant bellies (always have), and I haven’t changed my mind with my own. I use to wear baggy shirts to hide my little tummy, but now, I enjoy wearing fitted shirts to show off what I got. By George, it took me 3 pregnancies to get this belly, I’m going to flaunt it!

*pardon the dust behind us in the picture. As I’ve mentioned, I’m making a bed quilt for our bed (about king size); I like to lay it out as I work to see my progress and make sure I’m doing it right. The orange and green one is just a mini quilt I did to practice pinwheels. I hope to finish our bed quilt by the end of the year, but might actually finish it end of September or October.


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  1. I've always had a tummy too that I would try to hide, but a pregnancy belly is whole other story! I loved getting to wear tight fitting shirts to show off my baby belly. You look incredible! You both do and congrats to your hubby on losing weight.

  2. Jenny you look so stinkin' cute preggers! You really are made to be prego! I am so happy for you1 anad don't worry about weighing the same as David, you really are a hot pregnant lady! So sorry I had to bail out today. I really do want to get together!!

  3. You Look Great! And love the colors of the quilt! Next you can make me one 🙂 Hey so sorry that I cant be there today to celebrate this little guy, but know that I am thinking of you! Love you and enjoy!

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