I was made for this.


I sometimes wonder if there are going to be any girls born into our ward, it seems the majority of the babies born are boys. Kind of interesting. Also, most, if not all the pregnant women in my ward lately have gotten pretty sick during the first trimester and wonder how I’ve done. Well, I was made to be pregnant or something, because the only time I felt not well, was on the cruise; which I’m sure was a combination of morning sickness and sea sickness (still no throwing up though). The attitudes have gotten me (poor Husband) and I still worry needlessly. Most days I don’t even feel pregnant and it’s kind of un-real to me still.

Can a dog get sympathy symptoms? Daisy has been acting a little different lately, and wonder if she knows what’s going on and that things are about to change. She has to go potty more frequently, she’s more needy to be around Husband and me. She doesn’t even like to eat breakfast alone, so I go in and eat with her. Husband has been doing well, he’s been pushing to loose weight lately, and doing a wonderful job. We’re taking bets on when we’ll be the same weight. I’ll be sad to weigh more than Husband, but I’m sure it’s bound to happen during pregnancy (only during pregnancy).


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  1. yea!!! You look great, and so happy too! It never seems real, until you're up at 3AM with a screaming kid ;). For Jen, it was the moment of delivery, when all of a sudden there was a slippery little baby snuggled against you. I'm happy for you! I'm sure Daisy will get a bit jealous, but too bad huh?

  2. Ummm… I feel so silly that I have been so behind in keeping up with blogs. It was a rough summer for me. Anyway, YES! YES! YES! I thought on Sunday you looked a little pregnant, but I didn't want to ask in case you weren't and it would get all awkward. Holy COW! I am so excited that you are prego. Even better that it hasn't caused you to feel sick. Lucky you! It's a boy then? AAHH! I am so ecstatic!BTW, all of your projects are amazing! I would love your pattern for that swirly quilt. I have been on a sewing rampage myself. How fun!

  3. You look fantastic! I'm so happy for you and David. Not feeling sick has got to be great. I remember the un-real feeling of pregnancy. The idea that a little person is growing inside you is a little mind blowing. I have 3 and still can't believe it sometimes. I hope you continue to feel good. Enjoy those kicks.-Racheal

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