Look what I made this summer:


(This post won’t be so wordy, I promise. And this I believe will get me caught up on posting, so, sorry for the overload lately, and then such a lull to come).

As usual I’ve been very busy making things, and with vacations and all, it hasn’t slowed down one bit. A few at the bottom are things I’m still working on, but hope to finish soon. I know it’s a lot, but be sure to look all the way to the end of the post.

I wanted to learn to hand stitch, so when my Mom was here in May, we picked a pattern that had all 7 types of stitching and this is what it became. It says “Be Thou Humble”.

A diaper pouch I made for a sister in law who likes cheetah things. This was close to cheetah, and it was pink. Just had to get it and make something for her with it.

I had these fabrics picked out for a quilt or something, and finally found a fun pattern to use them for. The pattern is called “whirlly giggle”.

A Nursing Cover I made. Would have given it to my Sister in law, but she’s no longer nursing.

A few ladies had these at church and I thought they were so great. Apparently they are everywhere in Utah, so I had to make one. I’ve even seen them with a opening in the front. This goes on a car seat, attached to the handles, so you can cover a baby and still grab the handle.

I asked my Mother in law if she had any scrap fabric she was never going to use. She had some from her projects and from Melodee’s left overs, so I snagged some and made a quilt while in Utah. Similar to the whirlly giggle, but this one is more square.

My nieces had little (wash cloth size) blankets they took with them everywhere. So I thought I would make a few of my own. The silk in this one is left overs from my Mother in law.

I’m trying to clean out my fabric stash to make room for more. I knew I wanted to make one of these blankets out of this fabric, but blog hopping, I copied an idea to put an applique on it. The pear is the best part of this whole blanket.

Husband thinks that if I’m going to sew a bunch and buy fabric, at least I can make something useful every now and again (like shirts for him). Well, I’m not as good at making clothes as I am quilts, but here is my go at making Husband some light weight summer PJ pants.

I started these long ago they were going to be a Christmas gift 2009, but I didn’t finish them in time. Heck, I’m so close, but still not done with them yet. They are quilted stacking blocks.

Way too long ago, I posted on my blog that I would make a craft for 3 people who offered the same on their blog. Well, it’s been over a year I’m sure (only one person responded) and I’m still not done with her craft. (sorry Ashley). I am working on it though I promise, here’s proof. You’ll have it by Christmas at the latest.

The bed quilt David’s sister gave us two years ago is starting to fall apart a little, so David suggested I make us a new one. The one catch was that he wants a king size quilt for our queen size bed. I’ve finally picked a pattern (after changing a few times), I think I have enough fabric, I sure hope I do anyway, and have finally started cutting for our bed quilt. I hope to finish this by the end of the year as well.

Husband had to help me make this one.

Due January 14th, 2011


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  1. Jenny! You silly girl!! Here I was feeling sad for you and then you pop this shocking news! haha! You're hilarious! This is fantastic!!! I love the way you posted it too. BiG Congrats from The Bonner Family!

  2. I want to make things with you! I bet you could teach me so many wonderful things! I think all the things you make are useful and beautiful! I agree that shirts are hard and pants are a tad bit easier! You make me smile! I miss you!

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