3 weeks, 3 states


Recap of our year; in total Husband and I have visited 7 states and one other country. We have driven through 5 other states. That’s a lot of traveling!

Okay, onto my 3 weeks in 3 states. Husband, me and Daisy drove out to Utah to help his parents with 3 nieces. We were only in Utah for 2 weeks, but the girls stayed 3 weeks. On our way to Utah, I had to stop and see my Grandma and pa, Jim and Sue. Husband had actually never met them, so we just had to stop. I was SO good to see them; they took us up into the mountains on their 4wheelers. We spend the night, went to church the next day with them, played cards, then had to go.

We made our way to Payson, UT and played with the girls and parents for 2 weeks. We were able to enjoy a BBQ with the neighbors, help the girls with their violin lessons and go to their concert in the park, we went to a dinosaur museum, made “squid dogs”. Put spaghetti noodles into cut up hot dogs, then cook them. They are fun to make, but they really don’t taste very good. Husband and I got to go have lunch with my Dad, half brother and sister, my brother and his girlfriend. It was good to see family again. We all went to Spanish Fork Fair; the girls rode rides, and I checked out all the homemade crafts so I could attempt to make them at home. We did sparklers to celebrate the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) and spend a lot of time together.

We then made our way to San Diego, leaving Daisy in Utah. There Husbands sister blessed baby #5, and we got to all celebrate #4’s 1st birthday. Husband went home after a day or so, because of the long drive back to Chicago. I stayed for about a week so I could fly home. Mom and I went down to see the Mormon Battalion visitors Center and it looks real nice. We went shopping and had the yummiest bagels I’ve ever had. Before Husband left we got some family pictures taken.

It was a fun trip. Glad we got to see the Seaman family. With their 5 kids we don’t always get to see them as often.

Thanks for the trip. But it was good to get home again.


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  1. Holy Cow!!! I can't believe you guys trekked all across the US with Daisy. That is amazing! That is quite a long drive. Glad you were able to fly back to Chi town. Also, I can not believe the cool baby mammoth thing. I have seen it advertised but didn't realize that they found a mammoth fully in tact. Very interesting!!!

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