Baby Mammoth


So a few months ago, I was a nanny at a ward members who gets National Geographic, and occasionally I would flip through and look at some of the pictures. For some reason when I saw about a baby mammoth that was found in Siberia fully in tact I was interested. (I’m not normally interested much by these things). I thought it was neat, and stashed it away in the back of my mind as something neat.

Well, to my surprise the Field Museum here in Chicago is hosting this baby mammoth until October. So I just had to go see it for myself! I know that everything at these museums is apart of history, but for some reason, I took great interest in this and was amazing to see this history in person.

It was a farmer who found it and he named it after his wife (which I hope is a compliment). We went to the Field Museum on a free day, but still had to pay some to see the Mammoth. Well worth it for me.


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