The Kitchen


When Husband and I were looking for a place to live for the remainder of our time here in Chicago, we pretty much looked for what ever needed the least amount of work. We knew we wouldn’t get our dream place because we simply couldn’t afford anything even close to it (and our dream place doesn’t exist in Chicago).

We bought this place knowing that we would have to paint a little and touch up a few other things. The kitchen was ugly and hoped to redo it while we were here, but only if we could save up the money. Since I’m in charge of the money, and I wanted a new kitchen, I made sure it happened.

Before the kitchen was uneven, ugly and poorly planned. I priced around (starting at Ikea) and it turns out, they weren’t the cheapest way to do our kitchen. We wanted something nice, but we also knew it didn’t have to be exactly what we wanted, because we would only be here a few years. We hired my Uncle from Boise, ID (he’s been in construction for years) to fly out and help us for a week, and boy howdy am I glad we did. If it would have been just me and Husband, it would have taken a month to do.

We moved our kitchen into our living room for a week and tore out our kitchen. We went out to eat for lunch and dinner every day and still came in under budget. Only once did I have to wash dishes in the bathtub (never again; not fun and kind of gross to me). We built our own cabinets from the box, made many trips to Home Depot, we did get granite counter tops, but quite frankly part miss-communication and part cost, we didn’t get the tile back splash I wanted. It’s okay, because we had a hard time picking one out anyway. And we still haven’t finished the back splash, so we’re not 100% done yet.

With a week and a half, one Uncle and just shy of $9,000 later here is our new kitchen.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so proud of you! You must teach me your money saving/budgeting skills. I've become quite awful at it since starting nursing school. 🙂 …and am paying the price now! Regardless, you guys are amazing! Your kitchen is beautiful! I want to love my kitchen someday too, yours is perfect! Are you going to do the backsplash yourself too? I want to redo my kitchen, maybe we can help me pick stuff out?

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