*Funny side note. I came to my desk to try to catch up on my blog and instead I started sewing. Forgetting that I came in to blog. Maybe that’s why I don’t make any progress on this thing.*

10 years ago when I started traveling to other countries I asked my Mom, “if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” She told me, “Holland”. So, ever since then it’s been my goal to save up enough money to take my Mom to Holland. Well, I DID IT! Thanks to Husband, I took my Mom to Holland. You all don’t have to know that Holland is also a city across the lake in Michigan. However, they still had tulips, which is I think why my Mom wanted to go.

Last year for Husband’s birthday we went to the Slugger Factory in Louisville, KY, so this year, for my birthday (also happened to be Mother’s Day) I decided to have my Mom come out and do a dual birthday/Mother’s Day trip to Holland, MI to see Dutch Village and all the tulips.

We got to see dancers and loads of tulips and a parade. A few pictures from our trip….

*since having digital we usually take 500 pictures a day on trips, so when I say a few, I really do mean a few. Why hold back when you can delete them later?*


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  1. You are too cute! At first I was thinking, wow you went to Europe? Buuut, this looks just as awesome! Did you buy some shoes? Are those shoes stacked ones you get to paint yourself? I remember my neighbor had a pair growing up that she kept by the front door. I want some! The tulips are so pretty, I'm guessing there are fields of tulips in Holland?

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