I’ve been begging Husband to take me on another cruise since our first anniversary and we finally went on one with Husband’s parents to Alaska. You may already know that we’re not fans of living in a city, when we got to Alaska we were about ready to move there. It was so great to get out of the city, to go hiking, be around nature and not much else. Most days in town we only ran into 10-20 people total (we run into that many just leaving our building). We did shore excursions at almost every stop.

My favorite activity was going dog sledding. The Huskies were so cute and we got to play with the puppies. Shopping was also fun, as it always is. The views were gorgeous and I loved being surrounded by nature.

Formal night on the ship as shown, it’s fun to dress up, but the dress I bought for the cruise was a bit tight by the time I got to wear it. Arg.

We also saw a whale. We saw spouts a one or two other, but I was hoping for a whale jumping out of the water and seeing the whole thing. Didn’t happen; we saw the back and the tail. Apparently the people below us were looking to the left when the whale was on the right.

Another bonus was that our rooms were upgraded to balcony. It was great having a balcony to go out and look on. However, the room was closer to the front of the ship and we had rolling hill waves the first day, so I got a bit sick. Never threw up, but didn’t feel well for sure.


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  1. Are you kidding?! You look like a hot mama in that dress! Alaska sounds wonderful. Spencer went for a business trip recently and LOVED it too. I'm sure it did feel good to get out of the bustling city. It does us all good to get out and be around nature more often. Glad the trip was so awesome for y'all!

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