It’s Time For an Update


I keep meaning to post something, but I have to have a picture, and I just don’t get around to finishing my picture page of what we’ve done. I look back at our 2010 (well, the half of it anyway that’s past) and we have done something every single month except for January. So, It’s time for me to update what we’ve been up to.

February – we had our second miscarriage, so I took a cake decorating class up three levels and some cooking classes.

March – we went up to Wisconsin Dells for Spring Break.

April – Amish Country and our 3rd Anniversary celebrated at Medieval Times.

May – My Mom came to Chicago for a shared Mothers Day/ my 26th Birthday celebrated at Holland, MI.

June – Cruise to Alaska with Husband’s parents and a few days in Seattle, WA. A brand new KITCHEN! We remodeled our kitchen and it looks 100% times better.

July – Two weeks in Utah to help Husband’s parents watch our 3 nieces (Husband’s sister had baby #4 a year ago, and #5 a month ago so the last two stayed home while the older 3 stayed at “Grandma’s”)

August – A week in California for the baby blessing and 1st birthday party. Hosting 3 BYU-I girls at our house for 2.5 weeks for Summer Jam.

A few more things planned, but I can’t post about the future, so you’ll just have to keep checking back to see what’s up next. Hopefully I can get all caught up by the end of the month.


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  1. You guys have been very busy and I pray that all things go well. Don't lose hope Jen, the good Lord will help you. I have a friend who tried for seven years and had multiple miscarries and then finally just had a little boy. It will come and I feel very sad for you but hopeful that the Lord has you and your family in His hands watching and protecting you. He will provide. I wish I could give you a hug. I love you!

  2. Oh Jenny, I know those things are so private and hard as you're initially going through them–I wish I had known what you were going through at the time. Just know that I understand your pain and sorrow…the ache that doesn't seem to go away at times. And know that you have a friend in me if you ever need to talk to someone that truly understands. I wish all the happiness in the world for you, and while I do wish a baby for you, mostly I wish you to have peace and comfort as you make your way through this trial. There's a lot to be learned along the way, and when you come to the happy ending you will be all the better of a mother for it. Truly we are the lucky ones. I'm to the point in my path that I can honestly look back and say that. And I wish that for you. ((HUGS)) and lots of LOVE to YOU!! ♥Amy

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