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Look what I made this summer:


(This post won’t be so wordy, I promise. And this I believe will get me caught up on posting, so, sorry for the overload lately, and then such a lull to come).

As usual I’ve been very busy making things, and with vacations and all, it hasn’t slowed down one bit. A few at the bottom are things I’m still working on, but hope to finish soon. I know it’s a lot, but be sure to look all the way to the end of the post.

I wanted to learn to hand stitch, so when my Mom was here in May, we picked a pattern that had all 7 types of stitching and this is what it became. It says “Be Thou Humble”.

A diaper pouch I made for a sister in law who likes cheetah things. This was close to cheetah, and it was pink. Just had to get it and make something for her with it.

I had these fabrics picked out for a quilt or something, and finally found a fun pattern to use them for. The pattern is called “whirlly giggle”.

A Nursing Cover I made. Would have given it to my Sister in law, but she’s no longer nursing.

A few ladies had these at church and I thought they were so great. Apparently they are everywhere in Utah, so I had to make one. I’ve even seen them with a opening in the front. This goes on a car seat, attached to the handles, so you can cover a baby and still grab the handle.

I asked my Mother in law if she had any scrap fabric she was never going to use. She had some from her projects and from Melodee’s left overs, so I snagged some and made a quilt while in Utah. Similar to the whirlly giggle, but this one is more square.

My nieces had little (wash cloth size) blankets they took with them everywhere. So I thought I would make a few of my own. The silk in this one is left overs from my Mother in law.

I’m trying to clean out my fabric stash to make room for more. I knew I wanted to make one of these blankets out of this fabric, but blog hopping, I copied an idea to put an applique on it. The pear is the best part of this whole blanket.

Husband thinks that if I’m going to sew a bunch and buy fabric, at least I can make something useful every now and again (like shirts for him). Well, I’m not as good at making clothes as I am quilts, but here is my go at making Husband some light weight summer PJ pants.

I started these long ago they were going to be a Christmas gift 2009, but I didn’t finish them in time. Heck, I’m so close, but still not done with them yet. They are quilted stacking blocks.

Way too long ago, I posted on my blog that I would make a craft for 3 people who offered the same on their blog. Well, it’s been over a year I’m sure (only one person responded) and I’m still not done with her craft. (sorry Ashley). I am working on it though I promise, here’s proof. You’ll have it by Christmas at the latest.

The bed quilt David’s sister gave us two years ago is starting to fall apart a little, so David suggested I make us a new one. The one catch was that he wants a king size quilt for our queen size bed. I’ve finally picked a pattern (after changing a few times), I think I have enough fabric, I sure hope I do anyway, and have finally started cutting for our bed quilt. I hope to finish this by the end of the year as well.

Husband had to help me make this one.

Due January 14th, 2011

3 weeks, 3 states


Recap of our year; in total Husband and I have visited 7 states and one other country. We have driven through 5 other states. That’s a lot of traveling!

Okay, onto my 3 weeks in 3 states. Husband, me and Daisy drove out to Utah to help his parents with 3 nieces. We were only in Utah for 2 weeks, but the girls stayed 3 weeks. On our way to Utah, I had to stop and see my Grandma and pa, Jim and Sue. Husband had actually never met them, so we just had to stop. I was SO good to see them; they took us up into the mountains on their 4wheelers. We spend the night, went to church the next day with them, played cards, then had to go.

We made our way to Payson, UT and played with the girls and parents for 2 weeks. We were able to enjoy a BBQ with the neighbors, help the girls with their violin lessons and go to their concert in the park, we went to a dinosaur museum, made “squid dogs”. Put spaghetti noodles into cut up hot dogs, then cook them. They are fun to make, but they really don’t taste very good. Husband and I got to go have lunch with my Dad, half brother and sister, my brother and his girlfriend. It was good to see family again. We all went to Spanish Fork Fair; the girls rode rides, and I checked out all the homemade crafts so I could attempt to make them at home. We did sparklers to celebrate the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) and spend a lot of time together.

We then made our way to San Diego, leaving Daisy in Utah. There Husbands sister blessed baby #5, and we got to all celebrate #4’s 1st birthday. Husband went home after a day or so, because of the long drive back to Chicago. I stayed for about a week so I could fly home. Mom and I went down to see the Mormon Battalion visitors Center and it looks real nice. We went shopping and had the yummiest bagels I’ve ever had. Before Husband left we got some family pictures taken.

It was a fun trip. Glad we got to see the Seaman family. With their 5 kids we don’t always get to see them as often.

Thanks for the trip. But it was good to get home again.

Baby Mammoth


So a few months ago, I was a nanny at a ward members who gets National Geographic, and occasionally I would flip through and look at some of the pictures. For some reason when I saw about a baby mammoth that was found in Siberia fully in tact I was interested. (I’m not normally interested much by these things). I thought it was neat, and stashed it away in the back of my mind as something neat.

Well, to my surprise the Field Museum here in Chicago is hosting this baby mammoth until October. So I just had to go see it for myself! I know that everything at these museums is apart of history, but for some reason, I took great interest in this and was amazing to see this history in person.

It was a farmer who found it and he named it after his wife (which I hope is a compliment). We went to the Field Museum on a free day, but still had to pay some to see the Mammoth. Well worth it for me.

The Kitchen


When Husband and I were looking for a place to live for the remainder of our time here in Chicago, we pretty much looked for what ever needed the least amount of work. We knew we wouldn’t get our dream place because we simply couldn’t afford anything even close to it (and our dream place doesn’t exist in Chicago).

We bought this place knowing that we would have to paint a little and touch up a few other things. The kitchen was ugly and hoped to redo it while we were here, but only if we could save up the money. Since I’m in charge of the money, and I wanted a new kitchen, I made sure it happened.

Before the kitchen was uneven, ugly and poorly planned. I priced around (starting at Ikea) and it turns out, they weren’t the cheapest way to do our kitchen. We wanted something nice, but we also knew it didn’t have to be exactly what we wanted, because we would only be here a few years. We hired my Uncle from Boise, ID (he’s been in construction for years) to fly out and help us for a week, and boy howdy am I glad we did. If it would have been just me and Husband, it would have taken a month to do.

We moved our kitchen into our living room for a week and tore out our kitchen. We went out to eat for lunch and dinner every day and still came in under budget. Only once did I have to wash dishes in the bathtub (never again; not fun and kind of gross to me). We built our own cabinets from the box, made many trips to Home Depot, we did get granite counter tops, but quite frankly part miss-communication and part cost, we didn’t get the tile back splash I wanted. It’s okay, because we had a hard time picking one out anyway. And we still haven’t finished the back splash, so we’re not 100% done yet.

With a week and a half, one Uncle and just shy of $9,000 later here is our new kitchen.



I’ve been begging Husband to take me on another cruise since our first anniversary and we finally went on one with Husband’s parents to Alaska. You may already know that we’re not fans of living in a city, when we got to Alaska we were about ready to move there. It was so great to get out of the city, to go hiking, be around nature and not much else. Most days in town we only ran into 10-20 people total (we run into that many just leaving our building). We did shore excursions at almost every stop.

My favorite activity was going dog sledding. The Huskies were so cute and we got to play with the puppies. Shopping was also fun, as it always is. The views were gorgeous and I loved being surrounded by nature.

Formal night on the ship as shown, it’s fun to dress up, but the dress I bought for the cruise was a bit tight by the time I got to wear it. Arg.

We also saw a whale. We saw spouts a one or two other, but I was hoping for a whale jumping out of the water and seeing the whole thing. Didn’t happen; we saw the back and the tail. Apparently the people below us were looking to the left when the whale was on the right.

Another bonus was that our rooms were upgraded to balcony. It was great having a balcony to go out and look on. However, the room was closer to the front of the ship and we had rolling hill waves the first day, so I got a bit sick. Never threw up, but didn’t feel well for sure.

3rd Anniversary at Medieval Times


Our anniversary was 4 or so months ago, but here is what we did get to do. I found a coupon for 1/2 off (or 2 for one if you prefer) for Medieval Times. I had never heard of it before, but we drove by it one day and Husband told me about it and it sounded exciting. So, we went.

It’s a dinner show with jousting, horses and the story line of who’s going to get the crown to the kingdom. I was too excited about the horses, the food and jousting events to pay attention to the story line. They started us off with bread and soup (no spoon to speak of), and then on to half a chicken, some ribs and a ice cold water. It was messy, but really a lot of fun.

Depending on what section you sit in is what knight you are rooting for. Ours was the black and white knight. Check to see if your area has a Medieval Times, it’s a lot of fun.