Busy Bee


I have been a very busy bee lately. Between working, working out, and crafting, my next full day off is….end of May, early June. Until then, I have something already planned every single day. My most recent crafts that I’ve completed are a quilt and a box cushion.

I started this quilt in October or November; worked on it a lot during the Christmas break; to the point where all I had to do was quilt it and bind it. Well, it’s been sitting at that stage ever since December. I don’t make plans for the things I make, I just enjoy making them, so really there wasn’t a rush to get it done. A few months back I decided that I would give this quilt to my sister-in-law (Jen) who just had her second daughter. I learned a lot more about quilting while making this, and I learned that I really don’t know how to bind a quilt, I usually just wrap around the back fabric and sew it to the front to bind it.


Another project that has been on my to do list for quite some time is a wagon bench. Back when I did photography, I bought an old radio flyer wagon for a photo prop. Well, I’ve been carrying it around with me and have yet to use it as such. In some magazine I got the idea to turn the wagon into a bench. I went out and bought some padding, and had the fabric, and yet it still sat for months, waiting to get done. I found a pattern online that made it sound simple to make a box cushion for it. Most recently, I signed up for a class at JoAnn Fabrics to learn how to make a box cushion (they canceled the class, so that didn’t work). Finally, once I got the pink quilt done (since that had a deadline) I decided to finish the cushion. Since I don’t have a lot of time off to craft I did it on a Sunday. While this pattern wasn’t hard, it included things I’ve never really done before, and I only had to un-do a stitch twice. 10 hours later, I got myself a good looking cushion! There are a few mistakes I made, and some things I would do differently, but it’s all a learning process right?

2 projects down, only 30 left on the docket.

PS: I’ve made myself a goal. For the year 2010, I want to practice my sewing and quilting skills enough so that come 2011 I can make a quilt one block per month, so that by the end of 2011 I’ll have a wonderful quilt. I bought this book in Nauvoo, and it looks to be above my skill level right now, but isn’t it such a cute quilt? (or I can have monthly wall hangings).


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