So the 21st was our 3rd year anniversary. We were both so busy on our anniversary that we hardly got to spend any time together. I did however get a chance to finally organize some of our pictures a little better, and it was a great day to do so. One of the many things that Husband and I have in common is that we like to get out and travel, and explore places. See what there is to see. I complain all the time that we never do anything; because we aren’t doing something weekly. Well, I can no longer complain (I really never had the right); because looking back at our pictures, we’ve done plenty in 3 years of marriage, and I’m sure we’ll do plenty more. We’ve been on approximately 50 explorations in only 3 years. Day trips, week long trips, holidays, city outings, classes, museums, tours and the list can go on. It helps I’m sure that we’ve lived in 2 large cities (DC and Chicago) and there is frankly a lot to do in those cities and surrounding areas. But being married to Husband, I’ve been to 10 states and another country; and we’ve got another state we’ve visiting this summer.

While Husband and I are very different in many ways, we love each other very much and are happily married. Here’s to 3 years of marriage and adventure.

A sample of our latest adventure….

Amish Acres


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