Amish Acres


Husband knows that I love taking trips, even if they are day or 1/2 day trips. Lately I have been so busy and stressed, I almost canceled out outing, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Husband planned a trip to Amish Acres in Indiana. It was a two hour drive and we spent 4 hours there touring the 10 acre land. We went into the shop and looked at all the hand stitched quilts (I bought a gourd that looks like a giant pear); we went to the dinning hall and had ourselves a VERY yummy lunch; we rode the horse trailer to see the buildings; we toured a old home and most of all we day dreamed about how wonderful life is outside the city. We dreamed that when we leave Chicago, we’d like to get 10 acres of land, with a large pond and enjoy more simplicity in our lives. I was playing this game, where a string with a ring at the end are attached to a “L” shaped pole and you’re suppose to swing the ring to try to get it to link up to the hook. I played that game for 15-20 minutes and only won once. I was entertained.

What a relaxing day; thank you Husband for the trip.

*Me playing the game*

*Me with an Amish school bus*

*me and a quilt I wouldn’t mind trying to make*


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