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Amish Acres


Husband knows that I love taking trips, even if they are day or 1/2 day trips. Lately I have been so busy and stressed, I almost canceled out outing, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Husband planned a trip to Amish Acres in Indiana. It was a two hour drive and we spent 4 hours there touring the 10 acre land. We went into the shop and looked at all the hand stitched quilts (I bought a gourd that looks like a giant pear); we went to the dinning hall and had ourselves a VERY yummy lunch; we rode the horse trailer to see the buildings; we toured a old home and most of all we day dreamed about how wonderful life is outside the city. We dreamed that when we leave Chicago, we’d like to get 10 acres of land, with a large pond and enjoy more simplicity in our lives. I was playing this game, where a string with a ring at the end are attached to a “L” shaped pole and you’re suppose to swing the ring to try to get it to link up to the hook. I played that game for 15-20 minutes and only won once. I was entertained.

What a relaxing day; thank you Husband for the trip.

*Me playing the game*

*Me with an Amish school bus*

*me and a quilt I wouldn’t mind trying to make*

Busy Bee


I have been a very busy bee lately. Between working, working out, and crafting, my next full day off is….end of May, early June. Until then, I have something already planned every single day. My most recent crafts that I’ve completed are a quilt and a box cushion.

I started this quilt in October or November; worked on it a lot during the Christmas break; to the point where all I had to do was quilt it and bind it. Well, it’s been sitting at that stage ever since December. I don’t make plans for the things I make, I just enjoy making them, so really there wasn’t a rush to get it done. A few months back I decided that I would give this quilt to my sister-in-law (Jen) who just had her second daughter. I learned a lot more about quilting while making this, and I learned that I really don’t know how to bind a quilt, I usually just wrap around the back fabric and sew it to the front to bind it.


Another project that has been on my to do list for quite some time is a wagon bench. Back when I did photography, I bought an old radio flyer wagon for a photo prop. Well, I’ve been carrying it around with me and have yet to use it as such. In some magazine I got the idea to turn the wagon into a bench. I went out and bought some padding, and had the fabric, and yet it still sat for months, waiting to get done. I found a pattern online that made it sound simple to make a box cushion for it. Most recently, I signed up for a class at JoAnn Fabrics to learn how to make a box cushion (they canceled the class, so that didn’t work). Finally, once I got the pink quilt done (since that had a deadline) I decided to finish the cushion. Since I don’t have a lot of time off to craft I did it on a Sunday. While this pattern wasn’t hard, it included things I’ve never really done before, and I only had to un-do a stitch twice. 10 hours later, I got myself a good looking cushion! There are a few mistakes I made, and some things I would do differently, but it’s all a learning process right?

2 projects down, only 30 left on the docket.

PS: I’ve made myself a goal. For the year 2010, I want to practice my sewing and quilting skills enough so that come 2011 I can make a quilt one block per month, so that by the end of 2011 I’ll have a wonderful quilt. I bought this book in Nauvoo, and it looks to be above my skill level right now, but isn’t it such a cute quilt? (or I can have monthly wall hangings).

Shen Yun


Husband has interest in China, which is why he speaks Chinese. I’m not as interested in China as Husband is, but I went there 10 years ago for a 3 week trip. Because of this commonality and because I like to get out and do things, I bought us tickets to go see Shen Yun. I don’t know what it means; you’ll have to ask Husband, the one who speaks the language. It was very fun to go see this performance. It was filled with classical Chinese dancing and a few opera songs. I love watching things live and loved watching the dancing, so graceful and elegant.

It was great fun too because we got to dress up in our nice clothes like we’re fancy people, we did valet parking. I think only fancy people valet park, so it made me feel fancy. We had a grand time at the Civic Opera House watching Shen Yun.



So the 21st was our 3rd year anniversary. We were both so busy on our anniversary that we hardly got to spend any time together. I did however get a chance to finally organize some of our pictures a little better, and it was a great day to do so. One of the many things that Husband and I have in common is that we like to get out and travel, and explore places. See what there is to see. I complain all the time that we never do anything; because we aren’t doing something weekly. Well, I can no longer complain (I really never had the right); because looking back at our pictures, we’ve done plenty in 3 years of marriage, and I’m sure we’ll do plenty more. We’ve been on approximately 50 explorations in only 3 years. Day trips, week long trips, holidays, city outings, classes, museums, tours and the list can go on. It helps I’m sure that we’ve lived in 2 large cities (DC and Chicago) and there is frankly a lot to do in those cities and surrounding areas. But being married to Husband, I’ve been to 10 states and another country; and we’ve got another state we’ve visiting this summer.

While Husband and I are very different in many ways, we love each other very much and are happily married. Here’s to 3 years of marriage and adventure.

A sample of our latest adventure….

Amish Acres

Wife at Bread Class


Hey folks. Wife¬† just recently completed a bread making class at one of the local universities. While I wasn’t able to attend with her, she did a wonderful job, and brought me home some yummy treats. So far I have sampled the sourdough and the foccachio bread, and they were both mmm-mmm delicious! I am really proud of her.

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Wisconsin Dells


Husband and I took a chance during Spring Break to go up to Wisconsin Dells for a few days. We found a deal at Bass Pro Shops. We paid $99 for a 3 day 2 night trip (one of 5 places; Dells being one of them), covering hotel and water park pass. In return we got $75 gift cards from Bass Pro Shops and $25 from Mt. Olympus Water Park ($100 back for spending $99). All we had to do was sit through a Time Share presentation. Three hours of our time to have a free 3 day vacation, I’ll take it!

Since it was spring, not all the parts of the park were open. We went through the indoor theme park, the water park a few times. By day 2 the outdoor roller coaster had opened up so we did that a few times. Since the whole Dells is a lot smaller than we expected we ended up going to the outlet mall to spend all the money we were saving on the trip. We found quite a few great deals on things. We ran into about 6 families from our ward which was fun.

One of the things we wanted to do, but didn’t, was go hiking at the National Park. However, we left for home earlier than we planned, so we took a different route so we could stop by the Jelly Belly Factory and take a free tour. Actually I was kind of disappointed there too, because it’s not an actual factory, it’s more a store and storage facility. You do get to ride a train around the factory and watch videos about how the Jelly Belly’s are made. And you get a free small bag of Jelly Belly.

Ward Service Auction


Every year our ward has a service auction, and for some reason, I missed last years. This year, I decided to take come crafts I had made, but didn’t know what to do with. One of the popular items I made was a blanket, with soft on one side, and silk on the other, in white. I quite love this blanket, but I realize that a white blanket for a child and while owning a dog, is not a very good combination.
Since so many women in our ward are pregnant, I figured this would be a great gift since so many wanted it. So, for a baby shower, I whipped this little puppy up the night before. I use a yard of each fabric to make the whole thing and then use my fancy new machine to add a fancy stitch on it.

More crafts to come…