Groupon is great! I love groupon because I get discounts and deals on fun things I might not try other wise, and I also get to explore my city for a lot less. Right now I have two cooking classes to take, a chiropractor for me and Husband, and a restaurant. And the one I’ve just redeemed “>HERE

I’ve wanted a large picture to cover a wall in our bedroom, and this groupon came along. It’s not quite as big as I wanted it to be, but it will work great. My friend Lisa took this picture for us; and Daisy was quite the model that day.

Check out Grouponand explore your city. They have more than just Chicago; so check it out. There is a new deal every day!


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  1. AWESOME!! I just found out this past week about Groupon and I can't wait every day to see what the deal is. I haven't purchased any yet, but am definitely excited for it! I love that big poster of you guys! What a great picture!! You guys are a great couple!

  2. I too love Groupon. I haven't actually bought anything from it yet. I think I'm intimidated too, but I still love to look at them and I will buy someday.

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