Monthly Update


These days it seems that I’m only posting once a month. When it’s the same ol’ routine, it hardly seems worth blogging about. Husband is into finals time, but he really only has 1 final, so I don’t think it’ll be too bad for him. I’m working 4 days a week which is nice.

Daisy did get a bath the other day, and smells wonderful now. She shivers and shakes all during the bath, but I think she likes being clean and all the attention. She’s my joy.

So, I’ve starting working out more, to hopefully lose a few pounds (well, more than a few, but you don’t really need to know how many), turns out, working out causes me to gain weight! Fooy on fitness.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, they are still on my camera. Besides, the only pictures I’ve taken in 2010 is what I’m selling on craigslist, and 3-4 of Valentines Day dinner (I made David Stake and potatoes; a true mans meal).


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