Grow Where You Are Planted


I haven’t ever not like the ward I’m in, but I’m really starting to really enjoy what this particular ward has to offer. Being in a partially student ward you get all sorts of people who come through here. Wives of these student husbands have many talents and I’m taking full advantage.

First I went and had my hair cut by a ward member who is attending Paul Mitchel hair school. Great new doo.

Then I went to Clinique and had a ward member show me how to do my make up. Worked out really well because I already use Clinique and needed to re-stock on some things.

Then my most recent adventure is that a new friend just moved in who does massage therapy. So, I made an appointment and got an hour long massage. I’m so uptight that I think I need to go again to get any of the knots out, she couldn’t do it all in one hour.

(Sorry, not picture of me getting a massage)

So, now all I need is someone to show me how to shop for clothing that fit my body type and I’ll be the best looking girl in the ward. Well, not really, but I am being well taken care of by the ward.

Anyone else out there in they Hyde Park Ward that has a special talent that they want to share? I’d love to learn from you.


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  1. Ooh! love it! So fun to get pampered! Seriously, there is definitely some talent in this ward. You forgot to include yourself on that list. You add so much between your friendliness and your amazing crafting talents! We are all lucky to know you!

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