You know you need to blog when…


People are noticing that you haven’t blogged in months and ask you to update your blog instead of just asking how you’re doing. It has been a while since I’ve blogged, however, I did think about it. And really it’s the thought that counts right?

Well, I’ve thought about blogging about Thanksgiving and how Husband’s parents came out from Utah to be with us. We also had some friends and neighbors join us for the festive feast. Then we went to a day after Thanksgiving party at a fellow classmates house. That was fun, and really helped rid of the left overs quickly. Even though I’m not really the chef in the house, we did Thanksgiving dinner a little different. Instead of making it ourselves, we went to the Hyde Park Produce and they had it all put together for us. The turkey, 3 sides, and a pie. We added one or two things and some things were brought and it turned to be an easy, yummy day.

In December we left for two weeks. Luckily we had a student who needed a place to stay because the dorms were closed, and she stayed at our place for us and took care of our Daisy dog. We went to Boise, Idaho to be with my Mom and brother. Ended up both brothers were in town, which was great to be with my family for a while. It was great to see my Mom again, and good to get out of the city for a while. I was a little sick for a few days, mostly on Christmas Eve. However at Husband’s parents house apparently all 3 kids and 2 adults got sick, one to the point of going to the ER, so, count my blessings. I did miss seeing them, but I did not miss getting as sick as they were. I did get a Wii Fit Plus from Santa. husband says I need to do it every day though. (It’s not as fun to play when you’re alone).

Let’s see, moving on, January we mostly just got back into the swing of things. Husband is back to the grind of school. This is his most heavy quarter and I can agree, but Monday he has maybe 3 hours of class and the rest of the week it’s an hour a day. Although, you add on working part time for a company, working for a professor, writing articles for newspapers, homework, practicing Chinese, being Elders Quarm President (which really isn’t too bad) and being a husband and pet owner. That’s a lot to take on.

Sadly to say I don’t help him out that much, he still does most of the cooking. As for me, I’m so lazy that our house is a mess all the time and laundry gets done when I need underwear. Even then, it’s clean, but still in the laundry basket. Here’s a little into me right now… I’m too depressed to do anything (clean the house, or get out of the house), but I don’t do anything because I’m too depressed. Vicious cycle really.

People ask me, since I’m not really working and I’m not in school, and I don’t have kids, what do I do all day? Well….nothing. I don’t even update my blog for heaven sake and how easy is that? I have still been getting a few babysitting jobs, but nothing regular. I am hoping for something regular or maybe even a part time job for a few months at least. Being apart of the Relief Society Presidency I am helping out with our ward Visiting Teaching Interviews, but that mostly keeps me busy on Sundays only.

I do have a few craft projects up my sleeve; a pink and green quilt, and I’m starting a jean quilt. I still have some ABC flashcards to finish and one more quilted stacking blocks. I have a few baby blankets I’m working on (silk on one side and soft on the other), especially seeing as how there are 10 pregnant woman in our ward!

Enough from me and my random thoughts, here is a post for you and hopefully I can be better at keeping it more up to date. Maybe I’ll get my pictures organized (finally) and post some of those.


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  1. Love you Jenny! Don't worry things will start looking up soon. Hey, and you are always welcome to come help Chelsea and I clean my house tomorrow! Hehe. So FUN! I will be making throwing in a frozen pizza, which you are more than welcome to partake of. call me!

  2. Hey Jenny! I was so happy to see you posted! I am glad your break was fun. I LUV the wii fit plus but I hear ya, it is hard to be motivated sometimes. I am sorry that you are having a bit of a rough time. I have been in a funk also. I am not sure if it is the after-the-holiday-blues, the weather or what!?! Hang in there though! You inspire so many of us!! Love ya!

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