Monthly Archives: November 2009

11 Inch Donation


Now that our family pictures are done, and the holidays are coming, I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love! I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time, but my hair was never long enough to do so. The minimum requirement is 10 inches! So, I’ve waited and waited, as my hair grew and grew. To the point of I didn’t know what to do with it any more, so it started looking gross. I take pride in how healthy my hair is. I try not to damage it too much (hair dryers and straight irons) and try to condition it a fair amount.

A friend of mine is schooling at Paul Mitchell, so I made an appointment with her and she cut it all off. We cut off 11 inches to donate to Locks of Love and this is still not the shortest hair cut I’ve ever had! Remembering back, I’ve had short hair a lot, so for me it wasn’t scary or dramatic. For those that know me recently this will be a big change.

We cut the hair at the salon and she styled it curly (easy to do!) Then I had a box dye I bought a while back and didn’t want to toss, so after work, we dyed my hair at home, then she styled it straight (still easy to do!). I don’t know what the box says, but I call it Strawberry red. I love this color hair, and I love short hair. I’ve never had this hair style before (“A” line), and I quite like it.


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Christmas Cards


These are what I made last year for my Christmas Cards. I was crazy and hand stamped each card, embossed each of my 100 cards! The bottom is a trial design I did for the pictures, but ended up not using that one. So, come make cards with me!

This one is the rejected picture that I designed.