Another Pillow


So, I’m making some pillows and a quilted cover for them. I saw this as I was searching through tons and tons of project ideas. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly where I saw this so I can’t give it credit, but it’s out there on-line somewhere and I’m making my own version of it.

As you can see it’s still in the works, and apparently I’m not very good at measurements. I keep having to cut more fabric, because I didn’t get it right the first time.

Because I don’t remember where I found this idea, I also don’t remember what the pillow said. It had one word printed in the middle of the pillow. It was a Christmas pillow, but I made mine so it could be Christmas, or possibly not, depending on the house decor. I was thinking of either putting a last name in the middle, or “Believe”, or, I don’t know.

Give me your ideas of what should go in the middle of these pillows.

I’ll post again once I have them all done. So, send in your suggestions quick.


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