Family Pictures


I’m jumping out of order a bit because I’m not done with other summer pictures, but I HAD to post our family pictures; taken by a friend of mine, Lisa Allen. All of them are my favorite, but here are just a few to show off her talent.

My first thought when I saw these was, “wow, am I really that chunky?”, but my second immediate thought was, “I LOVE THESE”. Having dabbled in photography, I’m pretty picky about pictures, and haven’t really loved any pictures we’ve gotten so far, but these I do LOVE.


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  1. You look beautiful! Your hair has grown so long, it's gorgeous! Haha, I love the one with Daisy in the middle with her tongue hanging out in a smile, haha. These a great photos!

  2. I don't see any chunkiness whatsoever! I think you are beautiful! Today I wished really badly that you lived in my neighborhood so I had you to hang out with everyday! I miss my Jenny! I need my bestie back! Haha, I heard that word the other day and thought of you….

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