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pillow update


So, I made it this far, and I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to put in the middle. It took a lot of figuring and re figuring. I learned that I really don’t know how to do math. I did it though. And I think they look good so far. Now I just need to make one more pillow and put a back on it. It’s hard to make this without a pattern.

Another Pillow


So, I’m making some pillows and a quilted cover for them. I saw this as I was searching through tons and tons of project ideas. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly where I saw this so I can’t give it credit, but it’s out there on-line somewhere and I’m making my own version of it.

As you can see it’s still in the works, and apparently I’m not very good at measurements. I keep having to cut more fabric, because I didn’t get it right the first time.

Because I don’t remember where I found this idea, I also don’t remember what the pillow said. It had one word printed in the middle of the pillow. It was a Christmas pillow, but I made mine so it could be Christmas, or possibly not, depending on the house decor. I was thinking of either putting a last name in the middle, or “Believe”, or, I don’t know.

Give me your ideas of what should go in the middle of these pillows.

I’ll post again once I have them all done. So, send in your suggestions quick.

Finished Pillowcase


So, I’ve made my pillowcase. I made one for a body pillow, so it was much larger to work with, but I’m pleased with the result. I also did a fancy stitch for the cuff. (this pattern comes from a ward sewing class I took in Virginia)

How to make a standard pillowcase:
The pillowcase will be made from one piece of fabric (about 1 yard). It will be folded on one long side, so you only have to sew along one long edge and one short edge to make the case.

1. Cut a piece of fabric that is 33 5/8″ wide by 20 1/4″ tall. (this allows for a 5/8″ seam)
{if you have unidirectional design, cut two pieces, 33 5/8″ wide by 20 5/8″ tall}

2. {You could just sew with right sides together along the two edges and let the edges fray, but we’re going to do a French seam.}
Pin the WRONG sides together along one short edge and the one long edge. Sew a 1/4″ seam along the pinned edges then trim, cutting in at the corners.
{Press the seam open if you can, as this makes it easier to have a nice, crisp seam.}

3. Now, turn the case inside out so that the RIGHT sides are together. Pin the sewn edges together, making sure the seam is flat and neat. Sew a 3/8″ seam along those edges.

The Cuff:
4. Fold in 1/2″ on the cuff and press. Then fold in 3″ and press.

5. Pin the cuff carefully then sew, using a 1/8″ seam.

Family Pictures


I’m jumping out of order a bit because I’m not done with other summer pictures, but I HAD to post our family pictures; taken by a friend of mine, Lisa Allen. All of them are my favorite, but here are just a few to show off her talent.

My first thought when I saw these was, “wow, am I really that chunky?”, but my second immediate thought was, “I LOVE THESE”. Having dabbled in photography, I’m pretty picky about pictures, and haven’t really loved any pictures we’ve gotten so far, but these I do LOVE.

Halloween Pillowcase


So, when I was growing up we always just used a pillow case (usually off our bed) to go trick or treating with and fill with candy (in one case the guy gave out nickles though).

So for the month of October we’ll be making Pillowcases. Below is a pillow case I made, although, it’s not Halloween themed.

Supplies for you to bring: 1 yard of fabric (unless you want the brim of the case to be of another fabric), thread.

Supplies I can provide: sewing machine (I have two, so we may or may not need more of these), Cutting supplies (again, I have a limited number, so it may sometimes be wise to bring your own), pins (I have tons of these), seam ripper (just in case).

Side Note: it is always recommended that you prewash your fabric, and if you want it to look nice, I would recommend ironing it as well.

Summer Jam


This summer I, (I say “I” because Husband was gone most of the time) I hosted 4 girls from BYU-Idaho who came to do a Summer Camp for intercity girls. We were hoping we would be moved into our new place before they came, but it ended up we moved late and they had to move with us. They were fun to have in the house while Husband was out of town on business. I got to go with them to a White Sox game and also to the Farris Wheel at Navy Pier.

Now I know that only 2 queen size air mattresses fit into our second bedroom with only a small walk way for the suite cases.