So we’re FINALLY closing one chapter and entering another. We finally closed on our new home. They called us at about 10:30am (Friday) and said, we’re closing at 1:30pm, will that work for you? BIG FAT YES, that will work. Husband is still in town and we’re sitting on our butts awaiting for this thing to happen, YES it will work.

The title company was downtown, so we decided to take the bus. We left at 12:20pm to catch the bus, got to the place just early enough to grab a bite to eat (lunch) and head to closing at 1:30pm as instructed. We got there and they took us back to the “office” (cubicle). It was like we were at a doctors office, you wait in the lobby for a bit, then they call your name. “Benson?” YES, that’s us, we’re ready. Then we wait for our lawyer to show up. About 2:30pm our lawyer decides to arrive and get the process started. It was a big party, we had the seller’s attorney, seller’s realtor (with her son), our realtor, our attorney and the title worker (plus us).

We signed papers for 2 hours (waited a little bit for some of that time) and then they handed us the keys to the home! Granted they gave us a set of 7 keys (all just to get into the house)! We then headed home filled up our car with stuff and was able to take 3 loads to our new place.

We’re HOME OWNERS! Good thing this thing happened today, because now Husband has to go back out of town while I un-pack.


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